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DevOps as a methodology and cultural movement has been around for years -- but how well do you know its concepts and best practices? Find out here.

DevOps is, by now, a concept that is understood by most IT pros. The methodology -- or cultural transformation, if you prefer -- has overtaken much of the ground once held by Waterfall and Agile practices. Though there are still organizations that develop apps under those longstanding guidelines, DevOps tools and practices will creep in as the IT landscape evolves.

DevOps tools cover areas such as configuration management, automation, machine learning and AI, as well as containerization and cloud application management. The methodology speaks to a vast landscape of ideas and processes, which can be initially overwhelming for beginners to consume.

If your company has moved to DevOps -- in whole or in part -- there are some things you need to know. Take this DevOps quiz to pinpoint the depth of your knowledge and identify where you may need to fortify your knowledge.

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