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Pop quiz: Can you identify these top IT trends of 2019?

From serverless and AIOps to a widening tech skills gap, numerous IT trends bring momentum into 2019. See how ready you are for new opportunities and hurdles in IT with this quiz.

IT doesn't look the same today as it did yesterday, and that drive for constant improvement means plenty of changes for admins, developers and other IT staff members in 2019.

Modern applications are built in connected pieces that scale independently of each other; this approach consumes resources efficiently and opens the door for many integration options. But applications aren't the only thing the IT industry has completely reimagined. Infrastructure, automation, code delivery and virtualization methods have all gotten a face-lift in the form of infrastructure as code, AIOps tools, automated CI/CD pipelines and a proliferation of container technology.

In this climate of established and emerging technologies, research firm Gartner determined that these 10 concepts and changes will most influence organizations in the near term. Take this quiz to see if you can identify the IT trends of 2019 predicted to drive enterprises forward.

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