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Test your knowledge of CNCF projects and tools

From Kubernetes to Envoy, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation has ushered in many leading open source technologies for the IT enterprise. So, how well do you know them?

A wide range of enterprise technologies -- including those related to containers, microservices and service mesh platforms -- has emerged from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation since the open source software organization launched in 2015.

The technologies that Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) members research and create are called projects. These projects progress through three phases -- sandbox, incubating and graduated -- which signal their maturity level to enterprise adopters.

Each stage has defining qualities and requirements. For example, the sandbox stage -- the entry point for projects in their earliest phase -- requires that a project has at least two sponsors from the CNCF Technical Oversight Committee. Incubating projects must meet all the requirements for a sandbox project, as well as additional criteria, such as proof of at least three independent end users who successfully use the project in production.

For a CNCF project to enter the graduated stage, it must meet both sandbox and incubating requirements and also complete an independent, third-party security audit, in addition to meeting a string of other requirements.

Now that you know the basics, test your knowledge of some specific CNCF projects.

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