How does Box security help with auditing and compliance?

Box's security features help IT admins audit data access and limit the sharing of sensitive information stored in the cloud.

How does Box security help with auditing and compliance?

If you plan to deploy Box in the enterprise, you may have a need to audit access to your corporate data. Box comes with some nice features to help in this area.

The cloud service maintains a good amount of metadata, from timestamps to user access to file types. You can track who uploaded a file, who accessed it and when these actions took place. If you are worried that someone will share sensitive information, Box can scan files for certain data types, such as credit card numbers or Social Security numbers. In addition, it can scan for unusual activities, such as a large number of files being transferred, that could possibly indicate data theft or unauthorized access. You can also prevent sharing to certain domains, limit files to in-house sharing and require approvals before certain files can be shared with certain users or domains.

Box provides controls so administrators can choose which of a user's devices can automatically sync data from the cloud. Instead of allowing sync on any PC, for example, you could limit it to the user's work laptop. You can also control which applications can access data from Box.

If you need additional auditing abilities, Box integrates with tools from several vendors, including Symantec, EnCase and CipherCloud, plus others for data loss prevention.

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