Best topology for LAN

Which network topology (example Mesh, Star, Bus, Tree and Ring) is good for LAN(Local Area Network)
Topology is a term that refers the shape of the network and the layout of cabling from a bird's eye view, much as a floor plan identifies the layout of offices and hallways in a building.

The topology is made up of LAN workstations, also called nodes. The lines between nodes represent cables. Junction boxes are used to interconnect the cables.

Theoretically, any kind of cable medium could be wired together to create an infinite variety of network layouts. But, in fact, certain implementations of topology have become more popular while other implementations have simply never caught on.

The Star topology is emerging as the most common network layout in use today. Each workstation is connected point-to-point to a single central location that is commonly referred to as a wiring closet.

Here's a great tutorial that can assist you in making your decision:

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