How to improve network visibility and regain control

Last updated:June 2019

Editor's note

A networking pro's ability to see what's going on inside their network is key to ensuring efficient data transmission. It's also critical to the accurate diagnosis of problems. Network visibility has always been a complex issue, but it's even more so now in the cloud era. This guide gathers the latest reporting and expert insights into the issue of network visibility and covers tools and techniques network managers need to understand how all of their traffic is flowing.

1Network visibility needs monitoring and analytics

Network monitoring is essential to network visibility -- and visibility is a key ingredient to any network security plan. In this segment, delve deep into the latest information on developments affecting visibility and, hence, monitoring and management, and what IT professionals can do to regain insight into their networks. Plus, get updated on what's happening in the market for network performance monitoring tools.

2How to keep your network from 'clouding up'

In any list of recent technological advances that complicate network visibility, cloud's impact ranks high. In this segment, readers will discover what challenges cloud raises for networking pros and will get expert advice on how to counter them effectively.

3Things that get in the way of network visibility

When IoT devices hit the network in large numbers, network visibility got complicated. Delve into how IoT affects the network, and learn how the application of newer advanced technologies can help clear things up.

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