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June 2018, Vol. 9, No. 3

DevOps for networking evolves with software

When Barclaycard U.S. decided to launch a consumer lending program two years ago, the global digital financial services organization known for its credit card offerings knew it couldn't be competitive without a new software development approach. Senior leadership acknowledged there was a problem with the way IT was deploying software, according to Prem Chandrasekaran, vice president of software engineering at Barclaycard. "We knew we could not sustain this type of process." So instead of building consumer lending on top of its existing credit card business, Barclaycard built a new online platform using a DevOps approach. Barclaycard implemented its new consumer lending product using DevOps because it was building the platform from scratch. The approach worked so well that the company is looking at how to use DevOps for networking as well for other aspects of IT. As part of its DevOps project, Barclaycard is shifting workloads to a public cloud to take advantage of the scalability and automated provisioning services offered by ...

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