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June 2018, Vol. 9, No. 3

Enterprises use network security in the cloud to combat threats

Enterprises are investing in network security in the cloud as they manage a growing volume of users and data, both ripe targets for bad actors looking to steal data or hold systems for ransom. As companies invest more in cloud security services and tools to protect networks and endpoints from cyberthreats, research firm MarketsandMarkets expects the market for network security in the cloud to reach $12 billion by 2022. More companies are hosting their networks in the cloud because it offers better data security than on-premises data centers, according to Cisco's 2018 report on cybersecurity. Still, attackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in enterprises that aren't adapting to expanding cloud environments fast enough. The Cisco report recommended enterprises back up data often and test their restoration procedures, stating "[these] processes are critical in a world of fast-moving, network-based ransomware worms and destructive cyber weapons." While enterprises feel more secure with private clouds, they are concerned about data ...

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