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Do you know how to troubleshoot wireless connection problems?

Wireless connection issues are common, but discovering where the problems reside can be difficult. This quiz covers 10 commonly overlooked troubleshooting best practices.

When unsteady wireless network connections get you down, solving the issue is sometimes as easy as turning devices off and on again. But for desperate times when that trick doesn't work, other steps are necessary to troubleshoot wireless connection problems. While some steps may seem like common sense, quite a few are overlooked.

Troubleshooting is relatively similar among different Wi-Fi clients -- such as Windows, Apple or Android -- and access points (APs) or routers. So, whether you use a PC or an iPhone, this quiz can help assess your knowledge of best practices to troubleshoot wireless connection problems.

These 10 questions cover a range of issues, including physical connections, user login problems, AP or router settings, and more.

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