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Test your knowledge of SD-WAN deployments and testing

As SD-WAN becomes more mainstream, organizations must learn what to expect during all phases of deployment. Try your knowledge of SD-WAN testing, deployments and troubleshooting.

Deployments of software-defined WAN technology have become reality after years of predictions and anticipation. Yet the success of SD-WAN deployments relies heavily on network teams' knowledge and understanding of SD-WAN as a whole.

As an organization prepares for an SD-WAN deployment, its network team should understand the different stages of deployment. This knowledge should encompass not only the SD-WAN deployment, but also the testing process to determine which service most benefits the organization, when and how to troubleshoot SD-WAN services, and various best practices for SD-WAN.

This quiz comprises questions about situations and terminology network teams may encounter before, during and after an SD-WAN deployment. It will test skills and knowledge, as well as provide some key SD-WAN best practices.

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