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What do you know about the history of Wi-Fi?

If you ever wonder how Wi-Fi got to where it is today, this quiz takes you through the vast history of Wi-Fi, from the first generation through 802.11ax's impending ratification.

Pundits expect the history of Wi-Fi to enter a new era by 2020. Before the technology gets to its final destination, take time to revisit where it's been and see how far wireless technology has come.

If you've ever wondered when the history of Wi-Fi began, what each generation's key features were or what the term Wi-Fi actually means, the answers are all here. From the inception of Wi-Fi and wireless networks up to 802.11ax expectations, this quiz explores key points in the history of Wi-Fi and even looks into some popular misconceptions.

These 10 questions follow Wi-Fi's history, diving into important dates, differences, devices and everything in between.

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