Oracle upgrades: Tips and trends

If you’re planning an Oracle upgrade, start here to learn about the latest Oracle upgrade trends. Also, get expert advice from Oracle gurus and learn about the current state of Oracle Fusion Middleware upgrades.

In this section of our Oracle upgrade guide, learn about how both database and application professionals view Oracle upgrades, read expert advice on general Oracle upgrade processes and find out about the current state of Oracle Fusion Middleware use and upgrade plans.

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Oracle upgrades: Tips and trends
Oracle database upgrade guide
Oracle application upgrade guide

Upgrades challenge database, apps professionals

Oracle upgrades are at the top of mind for many Oracle customers. According to a recent survey by of approximately 450 Oracle users, 51% of database professionals indicated that database upgrades are one of the top three greatest challenges that they will face this year. And it’s not just DBAs who face upgrade challenges -- our survey also revealed that 50% of Oracle applications professionals think of software upgrades as one of their greatest challenges.

In addition to database and application upgrades, which we discuss in detail in the other sections of this guide, Oracle professionals also have the option to upgrade to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g. Oracle recently updated its Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g suite, which includes it Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) products. Still, some users say they want to see more integration. And according to our survey, interest in upgrading to Fusion Middleware 11g is low. Of the 41% of Oracle professionals who indicated that they have middleware in use, 81% have no plans for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g.

So, the interest of middleware upgrades does not seem to be on par with that of upgrading Oracle databases and applications. But before you move on to the other sections of our Oracle upgrade guide, check out these tips and Q&As from our panel of Oracle experts:

How to use the Oracle Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA): Oracle expert Brian Peasland explains how to use the Oracle Database Upgrade Assistant and for which scenarios the DBUA is the best option.

Making a business case for Oracle Database upgrades: Does your organization want you to make a business case for upgrading your Oracle database? Oracle expert Michael Hillenbrand offers advice and gives a list of questions to answer that will put you on track for making your case.

Understanding the impact on applicationsfrom an Oracle migration: Learn from Oracle expert Maria Anderson whether you can predict what kind of application issues you may have when performing an upgrade to Oracle Database 10g -- and how testing can help.

Performance issues after Oracle 10g upgrade: Learn in what cases you may see performance issues after an Oracle database upgrade, and how post-upgrade performance issues can be prevented, in this tip from Oracle expert Maria Anderson.

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