Oracle applications learning guide

This learning guide is a one-stop shop for information on Oracle's changing role in the enterprise applications space, with news, analysis and tips on Oracle's acquisitions, Project Fusion, E-Business Suite and other apps, the battle between Oracle and SAP and more.

No longer just a database company, Oracle Corp. has been shifting its focus to applications in recent years, striving to achieve dominance largely through a slew of acquisitions. This learning guide is a one-stop shop for information on Oracle's changing role in the enterprise applications space, with news, analysis and tips on Oracle's corporate purchases, the progress of Project Fusion, making the most of E-Business Suite and other apps, the continuing battle between Oracle and SAP, case studies and more.



Tips & advice: E-Business Suite

  • NEW! Oracle E-Business Suite users face EBS R12 upgrade challenges
  • Five best practices for Oracle applications developers
  • Ten things Oracle apps developers should never do
  • Eight key tools for Oracle apps developers
  • Patches to apply when installing E-Business Suite
  • I/O requirements for Oracle 11i implementation
  • Upgrade to 9i or 10g with Apps 11.5.6
  • Problems transferring Oracle data after upgrade to XP
  • Can't open Reports Builder
  • Why does HRMS go live before Financials?
  • Identifying the source of high CPU usage
  • Getting information on forms and reports from OAM
  • What is the "yellow bar"?
  • Making checks out to a factoring company
  • Advice for a beginner studying E-Business Suite
  • Documents for beginner to E-Business Suite
  • Difference between E-Business Suite 11.5.6 and 11.5.9
  • Book recommendation for Oracle Financials
  • Retrieving Oracle SID name in Reports
  • Better mapping, better monitoring
  • More E-Business Suite advice from our archives

Tips & advice: Data warehousing

  • Do people really understand data warehousing?
  • Top 10 new data warehousing features in Oracle Database 10g
  • Help with data warehouse disaster recovery planning
  • Data warehouse based on operational data model
  • RAC node scaling in DSS workloads vs. OLTP
  • Deciding what hardware to purchase for a data warehouse
  • Data warehouse disaster recovery 101
  • Data warehousing possible on a disaster recovery hot site?
  • Resources for Oracle DBA learning about DW principles
  • Using export/import to clone a data warehouse
  • MetaBase scripting for the Oracle data warehouse DBA
  • More data warehousing advice from our archives

  Tips & advice: BI

  • Analyst views: Business intelligence
  • Implementing BI with Oracle's E-Business Suite, part 1
  • Implementing BI with Oracle's E-Business Suite, part 2
  • Implementing BI with Oracle's E-Business Suite, part 3
  • Areas of impact while migrating database from 8i to 9i/10g
  • The BI application consolidation challenge
  • Saving lives with Oracle BI
  • OLAP defined
  • Oracle9i OLAP uncovered
  • Expanding business intelligence with enterprise information integration
  • Testing BI applications
  • More business intelligence advice from our archives


  • NEW! BI, ERP top 2007's IT spending list
  • Podcast: Oracle CRM chief Ed Abbo
  • Gartner makes Oracle CRM predictions
  • Oracle unveils new version of PeopleSoft CRM
  • Oracle-Siebel: The competition reacts
  • Gartner: ROI calculation isn't simple, but it's important for CRM
  • Oracle sets sights on CRM
  • Nine steps for successful CRM implementation
  • Got CRM? 10 questions to ask before you buy
  • Can open source CRM deliver on its promise?
  • CDI: The missing piece to the CRM puzzle
  • CRM, data warehouses not the answer to customer data integration
  • Data: The dirtiest four-letter word in CRM
  • Five dirty little secrets of CRM
  • Differences: CRM implementations vs. ERP implementations
  • Expert: Data quality is misunderstood

Fusion apps & middleware

  • NEW! Oracle unwraps Fusion Applications, new user support portal
  • NEW! Oracle demos Fusion Applications; Ellison talks up integrated systems
  • NEW! Oracle Fusion Applications video demo
  • Hyperion's fit with Fusion not entirely clear
  • Oracle WebCenter Suite takes Web 2.0 to the enterprise
  • Oracle Data Integrator aims for 'pervasive BI'
  • Oracle to enhance Fusion with Sunopsis buy
  • Oracle Fusion Update Center
  • Expert: Now is the time for Oracle to clear up Fusion confusion
  • Oracle goes back to school with PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management 9
  • One year later, Oracle touts progress of Fusion
  • Oracle reveals first Fusion apps
  • Oracle prez details Fusion middleware plans
  • Oracle further unwraps Fusion, nips at SAP
  • Oracle makes 'big splash' with ECM entry
  • Oracle's Wookey touts app changes
  • Is Oracle Fusion taking over the SAP NetWeaver market?
  • Oracle updates J.D. Edwards software
  • PeopleSoft upgrades come with Oracle pledge of continued support


  • NEW! The Oracle/Sun deal
  • Oracle to acquire Hyperion, claims BI supremacy
  • Making sense of Oracle's acquisition spree
  • From soup to nuts, PeopleSoft to Sigma, a rundown of Oracle's acquisitions
  • Oracle acquires hosted call center firm [email protected]
  • Oracle unveils new Portal Software release
  • G-Log acquisition bears fruit with Oracle Transportation Management 5.5
  • Oracle takes integrated approach with G-Log buy
  • Siebel's reign ends as shareholders approve acquisition
  • Oracle adds pieces to retail suite
  • Column: Oracle vs. SAP: The Siebel Factor
  • Oracle's Siebel acquisition highlights data management wars
  • Oracle updates J.D. Edwards software
  • PeopleSoft upgrades come with Oracle pledge of continued support
  • PeopleSoft users mull big choices

Case studies

  • CRM helps Philly's biggest landlord clean house
  • Blue Shield cleans up HR with Oracle-PeopleSoft HCM
  • Iron Age Shoes gives the boot to Microsoft and SAP
  • Nortel to dump Oracle, solve fiscal woes using SAP

Oracle vs. SAP

  • NEW! Oracle vs. SAP lawsuit: The trial begins
  • Oracle takes on SAP with new GRC suite
  • Oracle to take on SAP in public sector with latest buy
  • Gartner predicts next phase of Oracle, SAP acquisitions
  • Smaller vendors challenge SAP, Oracle in ERP market
  • Analyst: Oracle lags behind SAP on compliance
  • Expert: SAP offers speed, but Oracle has more nimble approach to SOA
  • Report finds SAP winning war with Oracle
  • SAP leads Oracle in order management, Forrester says
  • SAP, Oracle playing catch-up with BPM technologies
  • Expert predicts new front in Oracle-SAP battle
  • Face-off: Oracle vs. SAP
  • SAP vs. Oracle: Users speak out
  • SAP vs. Oracle: Round two
  • Can Oracle be unseated as a top SAP database?
  • Is Ingres a viable alternative to Oracle for SAP users?
  • SAP, Oracle make public services push
  • Microsoft's strong midmarket channel thwarts Oracle, SAP
  • SAP's new ad blitz takes aim at Oracle
  • SAP launches midmarket push against Microsoft, Oracle
  • SAP trumps Oracle in march to SOA
  • Oracle's Phillips swings at SAP
  • Oracle's OFF SAP program shows early results


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