Margaret Wright on E-Business Suite R12, Mark Hurd and more

SearchOracle's Lena J. Weiner got the opportunity to catch up with OAUG's president, Margaret Wright, at Collaborate 13 in Denver.

We asked Margaret Wright about which applications the OAUG will be promoting in the near future. OAUG's main focus is getting users up to speed on E-Business Suite R12, but Wright also emphasized the importance of and growth in popularity of Primavera and Hyperion. "We think that outside of EBS, Primavera and Hyperion would be the next top two that we will start to focus on even more and more."

Wright also talked about the relationship between the user groups and Oracle Corp. "I'm excited," Wright said with enthusiasm. "I'm excited that Mark Hurd was here. … I mean, it shows a commitment on Oracle's part toward user groups and that he is interested. And, if he is interested, that means Oracle will be very interested in user groups and partnering well with user groups. So, it's a win-win situation for both of us that Oracle will become more engaged -- and they have been; we've been great partners. … Oracle is very committed to Collaborate and to user groups, so, it's going to be even more. So, I've got to be so excited about that. … And, going back to Oracle, as Mark Hurd said, a happy customer buys more. So, we'll do our part on that front too."

Check out this video to hear Wright's thoughts on all of the above and a few more topics.

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