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Why IT projects fail: 'Technology is easy. People are complex.'

Sure, today's ERP projects are complicated, but that's not necessarily the reason they tank. The reason why IT projects fail still often comes down to effective change management and communication, according to Joshua Greenbaum, president of Enterprise Applications Consulting, based in Berkeley, Calif.

"Technology is easy. People are complex. Organizational dynamics are even more complex," Greenbaum said.

In the first part of a two-part series on SAP IT project management filmed at the SAP Global Business Transformation Summit, Sept. 11-12 in Washington, D.C., Greenbaum talks about why it's essential that IT projects accompany organizational change and attention to processes.

"We're really at a point now in the evolution of business and IT, at this dance, this relationship, where they have to be even more tightly synchronized than ever before. This really has to be something that's done in lockstep," Greenbaum said.

In other words, companies can just look at IT projects as primarily engineering endeavors, where they put their best minds on it, "turn the right dials, and everything comes out," he said.

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