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Next-generation firewalls in the workplace

Next-generation firewalls are hardware- or software-based network security products that identify and block organized attacks beyond traditional firewall technologies. Recent security breaches against some of the biggest and seemingly most secure network environments demonstrate the need for next-generation firewalls (NGFW) and the extra protection they offer. While traditional firewalls keep up with basic security needs required in SMBs, the reach of NGFWs extends beyond those capabilities with new and improved features for larger businesses.

Companies should analyze all providers before finalizing the choice to implement NGFWs in their organization.

Some of the features available from next-gen firewall providers include inline deep packet inspection, website filtering and intrusion prevention systems, to protect networks against the latest in sophisticated network attacks.

This buyer's guide explores the differences between NGFWs, traditional firewalls and UTMs, as well as the selection criteria for choosing the right next-gen firewall for your organization. The guide also provides an extensive look at the field with NGFW product comparisons and in-depth roundups of the major NGFW vendors, as well as specialty players in the market.

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