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November 2019, Vol. 20, No. 4

CISOs, does your incident response plan cover all the bases?

Security incidents are a reality you face as a CISO. There's just no way around it. You say you're up for the task, but are you truly ready for things to go sideways? When the going gets rough (and it can get pretty darned rough in the middle of a big incident!), do you know what you're going to do -- your first step, your second step and so on? Will you know where to turn, who to call on and how to lead the charge? Incidents are complicated, but given the threats and vulnerabilities your business faces, they're not uncommon. How things shake out is up to you. I recall hearing Dr. Phil McGraw say something many years ago that really stuck with me in terms of security and incident response. It was about parents involving their children in adult issues. Dr. Phil said that you shouldn't pull your kids into grown-up conversations and situations associated with marriage, money, health and the like. Since children look up to their parents to see if all is well with the world, pulling them into complicated issues that they cannot solve...

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