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November 2019, Vol. 20, No. 4

When cyberthreats are nebulous, how can you plan?

For security defenses to have any chance of working against cyberthreats, IT professionals need to stay on the offensive. One case in point: The increase in the types of security tools powered by AI and machine learning. These advanced technologies have definitely improved cyber-response capabilities, giving some hope to cybersecurity pros caught in a seemingly endless struggle to counter attacks on their vital infrastructure and data. But the dark side of AI must remain front of mind. AI can help security teams locate vulnerabilities in their systems. But it's important to remember that bad actors can also use it to locate vulnerable systems. Is AI a force for good or for evil? It all depends on whose hands it's in. This is no minor problem, either: Email predicting the exponential spread of AI-embedded devices hits my inbox on a weekly basis. For example, one recent message described a study by ABI Research, which projected that the number of AI-enabled devices will nearly double by 2024. With so much AI in our lives, on all ...

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