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August 2019, Vol. 20, No. 3

The must-have skills for cybersecurity aren't what you think

What comes to mind when you think of information security? I'm guessing it's technical stuff like firewalls, passwords and encryption, and the incidents and breaches they help prevent. After all, these are the core security components that seem to get the most attention -- both positive and negative. They're a significant part of the equation, but these "solutions" aren't representative of a fully functional information security program. Money is spent, classes are taken and metrics are measured on products. But that's not where the real security issues lie. For its defense efforts to be effective, organizations must have on staff persons with specific 'soft' skills for cybersecurity. Many of the greater security challenges include things that no one discusses: weak leadership with limited buy-in; lack of financial support; business culture that fosters mediocrity; users making their own decisions; and technical staff unable to get their points across. There are hundreds, likely thousands, of vendors with products and services ...

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