Stellar Cyber launches Starlight 3.1 for AI threat detection

Stellar Cyber, a security analytics vendor, launched Starlight 3.1 as its first unified security analytics platform, using AI and machine learning to detect and thwart attacks.

Stellar Cyber launched Starlight 3.1 to enhance its cybersecurity offering with automated threat hunting and breach detection. Using AI and machine learning, Stellar Cyber claimed the upgraded unified security analytics platform will save businesses time, money and labor.

As a unified security analytics platform, Starlight serves as a command center for security analysts and administrators. Starlight provides protection for critical data systems, detects breaches, investigates threats and responds to threats.

With its most recent upgrade, Starlight 3.1 brings the following capabilities:

  • Automated threat hunting automates the way administrators search for and respond to threats by creating queries and rules that are implemented on set schedules and trigger response actions, such as emailing alerts and initiating firewalls.
  • Firewall machine learning enables administrators to focus on relevant events and overall firewall policy use by eliminating firewall noise and providing visibility into high-confidence threats. This function also enables administrators to send firewall log data for analysis, detection and response, compatible with major firewall providers such as Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Check Point Software Technologies, Juniper, Hillstone and AWS.
  • Improved breach detection correlates both intrusion-attempt data and third-party vulnerability scan data, enabling administrators to identify actual breaches versus attempts or false positives.

According to Stellar Cyber, it takes an average of 200 days to detect a major cyberbreach and $6 million to identify a breach. By integrating machine learning intrusion detection systems, malware detection, threat intelligence, SIEM and security orchestration, automation and response technology with its Interflow data sorting technology, Stellar Cyber claimed Starlight 3.1 will reduce breach detection time and costs.

Interflow collects data across all environments, enriches and categorizes the data, and identifies threats and breaches. Then, Interflow deploys AI and machine learning to sift through the threats and deliver only high-confidence and actionable alerts.

According to Gartner, AI in data and analytics enables IT professionals to turn attention toward more complex issues, improve productivity, and increase overall agility and scalability of services.

Stellar Cyber's Starlight 3.1 competes with AI-based threat detection platforms such as Darktrace, ProtectWise, Circadence and Jask. 

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