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AWS to protect its cloud using CrowdStrike security products

AWS is replacing a variety of security products with the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform to further secure applications and data on its cloud.

CrowdStrike and AWS expanded their strategic partnership this week, committing to additional consumption of each other's respective products to protect and run their operations.

These moves help both companies strengthen and accelerate services, as Amazon expands the use of CrowdStrike security offerings to protect its cloud infrastructure, and as CrowdStrike applies AWS generative AI and machine learning cloud services to power and accelerate its AI initiatives.

The specifics of the AWS-CrowdStrike partnership

Amazon is replacing a variety of cloud point products with Falcon Cloud Security, using Falcon Next-Gen SIEM to secure big data logging. It is also deploying identity threat detection and response to prevent identity-based attacks, the company said. With the security of AWS cloud infrastructure being more important than ever, this move should help AWS both simplify and strengthen these aspects of its native security.

CrowdStrike is expanding its use of AWS services, including Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker, to drive industry-leading innovation in cloud security, SIEM transformation and novel cybersecurity AI use cases. As the race is on to implement generative AI capabilities to strengthen security tools, adopting these foundation services will enable CrowdStrike to focus on getting core features to market faster.

These are both solid moves for each, but in my mind, CrowdStrike gets the bigger advantage from this partnership. In addition to fueling its AI development process, it can now tout to a prospective new customer that one of the most tech-savvy -- and arguably the biggest -- tech companies in the world, has chosen to trust CrowdStrike to protect its operating environment.

This will undoubtedly push the limits of CrowdStrike's security portfolio, which history tells us can help more rapidly mature and grow product lines faster. Short-term pain translates into long-term gain.

What this means for users

If you are an AWS customer, further strengthening the security posture of the AWS infrastructure should be good news. No word yet about whether you will get access to any of the security telemetry in the process, but my bet is that over time it will become available.

If you are a CrowdStrike customer, I expect you will see even more acceleration in the delivery of AI-enabled capabilities, which should translate into improvements in both efficacy and efficiency. Both good news from my perspective.

Dave Gruber is principal analyst at TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group where he covers ransomware, SecOps and security services.

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