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Using threat intelligence tools to prevent attacks on your enterprise

Using threat intelligence tools can help your enterprise stay one step ahead of attackers and possible threats. Learn how threat intelligence can be used in your company.

Enterprises considering the use of threat intelligence tools in their environments may be concerned about the expense or by the fact that the technology is still immature. However, using the right threat intelligence feeds can help pre-empt attacks on your enterprise.

"If you want to stay ahead of the game in security, you need to be thinking about threat intelligence underpinning everything you do. I think in the future, any security strategy that doesn't include threat intelligence as the basis of planning is going to be fundamentally flawed," said Rob Shapland, a senior penetration tester at First Base Technologies, a U.K. information security consultancy.

In this podcast, Shapland discusses how enterprises can benefit from proper application of threat intelligence tools. He emphasizes that "cybersecurity is no longer just an IT issue -- it's an issue that affects the whole business. In that sense, knowing your adversary is the key to understanding what type of attacks you're likely to face."

Threat intelligence tools can help companies gain a better understanding of where to allocate their security spending in order to head off potential attackers. Without the insight that open source information with human analysis provides, your company may end up wasting money on testing the wrong systems or purchasing ineffective products.

Shapland goes over the importance of picking the right threat intelligence feeds to monitor, as they can be expensive and also provide a lot of data, not all of which is pertinent or useful to your enterprise. As the information is time sensitive -- some data may only remain valid for a few hours -- your company needs to have a dedicated person monitoring the feeds for real-time updates and applying security measures as they see fit.

Listen to Rob Shapland's podcast on threat intelligence tools to learn how they can be applied in your company.

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