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Test your infosec smarts about IAM and other key subjects

Solidify your knowledge and get CPE credits by taking this quiz on IAM, security frameworks, IoT third-party risks and more.

It's the nature of the infosec field to always be in flux. Technologies evolve -- or get replaced by entirely new technical advances. Meanwhile, the nature of the threat to systems and data is changing just as quickly. In short: Infosec professionals must continually work to stay up to date on cybersecurity subjects.

That's why we publish Information Security magazine. In our August 2019 issue, for instance, we delve into how identity and access management is changing as more IAM tools use cloud-based services and incorporate containerization to allow more granular management of access to company IT assets. We also consider the question of how to choose and use a cybersecurity framework. Other essential topics covered include what CISOs must do to win a seat on the board of directors, results from Ponemon Institute research on third-party IoT risk, the nature of so-called "soft skills" that CISOs and other security pros need now, and much more.

Reading about the latest developments is an essential first step to staying abreast of the infosec field. But a necessary second step is to solidify your grasp of this newfound knowledge. So challenge your comprehension now by taking this ten-question quiz on the August 2019 edition of Information Security magazine.

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