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Information security spending in 2014: The top enterprise priorities

Every year enterprises face the daunting task of allocating funds. With all of the recent high-profile breaches in the news, companies are starting to realize that it's time to increase the information security spending, but they may not increase the right services or products.

In this webcast, entitled "Can your budget reshape your threat landscape?" and produced in partnership with the RSA Conference, SearchSecurity Editorial Director Robert Richardson reviews the security tools and programs enterprises expect to fund in 2014. Richardson examines the statistics, based on the results of SearchSecurity's 2014 purchasing intention survey, that show approximately one-third of all the organizations worldwide are looking to replace or add products and services to their security programs.

Naming specific products and services, Richardson notes that many of the top products are older and focused more on preventing known threats instead of preparing for likely future threats. While this is still a valuable task for security programs to cover, it shows that many enterprises are focusing on "backwards-looking" security when they should really be focusing their attention and resources on "forward-looking" technology that will develop into a successful long-term security strategy.

This presentation addresses these issues as Richardson endeavors to convince enterprises that "security budgets will be best used if they not only seek to respond to current threats, and very localized pain points, but also build towards security solutions that promise to be transformational over time."

Editor's note: Originally recorded in February, 2014.

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