Pure Storage

What is Pure Storage?

Pure Storage is a provider of enterprise data flash storage products designed to substitute for electromechanical disk arrays.

As data becomes a more valuable asset to companies, emphasis on enterprise storage has increased. Pure Storage is considered to be a key player in the flash storage array market and aims to provide a seamless transition from alternate storage methods, such as disk arrays. Benefits of solid-state arrays include reduced IT project risk, optimized costs, better integration features and lower latency.

Uses for Pure Storage products

Pure Storage products have been designed to provide companies with flash at a comparable price to disk by using similar features and pricing. The vendor claims it can help with consolidating applications, simplifying integration, providing real-time data streams and increasing productivity.

Uses for the Pure Storage suite of products include consolidating data silos, creating a unified platform for sharing analytics, speeding up the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline and enabling the automation of multi-cloud environments.

In 2020, Pure Storage acquired Portworx for container management and protection.

Some key products

While Pure Storage has a focus on flash storage, the vendor offers a variety of products. This sampling is based on web research and features information from the Pure Storage website:

  • FlashArray is designed to compete with traditional rotating disk arrays. According to Pure Storage, it consumes less power and space of alternate arrays and speeds up applications such as server virtualization, database systems and cloud computing.
  • FlashBlade is an all-flash storage product made to handle high-performance workloads, drive productivity and protect data.
  • FlashStack is a hybrid architecture from Pure and Cisco that supports critical enterprise applications and provides a platform for cloud-based management.
  • AIRI is an AI-capable infrastructure that can scale to meet business needs or future innovation.
  • Pure1 is a cloud-based management platform that gives storage administrators the ability to monitor and manage their Pure Storage arrays remotely through a web browser. Included in this platform are predictive analytics features to help administrators anticipate future consolidation and project capacity requirements.
  • Evergreen is a storage as a service (STaaS) subscription model.
  • Portworx by Pure Storage is a cloud-native storage software platform for Kubernetes that includes backup, disaster recovery, database and DevOps services, according to the vendor.

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