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Vol. 19, No. 1

These 5 IT buzzwords for 2021 reflect data storage priorities

Like with other IT areas, data storage changes are more evolutionary than revolutionary. Of course, the pace of evolution changes from year to year. But to get a reliable forecast on what is coming, it's useful to look at what just happened. In 2020, for example, the pace of change increased drastically due to a pandemic that changed the way most of the world conducts business. The data center didn't hold nearly as much influence over information after offices closed and people began working from home. IT teams scrambled to ensure data remained stored reliably and securely while it spread almost as fast as the novel coronavirus that caused the change. What does all this tell us for 2021? Well, for starters, we must prepare better for what lies ahead so we won't be blindsided by another pandemic or some other kind of major disruption and its subsequent economic fallout. We can use 2020 as a cheat sheet for what is coming, and we can expect the IT world to look a lot more like it did in mid-2020 than at the start of the year. Data...

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