Group Policy Management Console

The Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) is an interface that enables Active Directory administrators to manage Group Policy Objects (GPOs) from one console. 

The Group Policy Management Console provides a view of all GPOs, organizational units, domains and sites across an enterprise and allows editing of settings within individual GPOs. Before the GPMC, administrators had to use several tools to manage Group Policy. GPMC combines the functionality of such tools as Active Directory Users and Computers, Active Directory Sites and Services, Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP), the Access Control List Editor and the GPMC Delegation Wizard.

For developers, the GPMC includes a set of programmable interfaces for managing Group Policy with scripts or C/C+, which permits the cration, for creating, backing up, restoring, importing, copying, deleting, and renaming Group Policy Objects, linking GPOs and Windows Management Instrumentation filters, and completing several reporting tasks.

Jeremy Moskowitz explains how to install GPMC on Windows 7 and Windows Server 8.

This was last updated in February 2012

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