Windows key (Winkey)

The Windows key (Winkey) is a key on a Windows-compatible computer keyboard that has the Microsoft Windows logo.

Te Windows key provides shortcuts. For example, pressing the key by itself will open the Windows Start menu. Pressing the Windows key together with other keys provides keyboard the user with a rich set of macros for basic Windows functions such as launching a search dialog.More advanced macros include access to System Properties or the Windows Mobility Center.

Windows users can identify all their available Windows key shortcuts by reviewing the Help resources for their specific operating system versions.

Below are some common Winkey macros. 

Press this key To do this
Windows logo key 

Open or close the Start menu.

Windows logo key +D

Display the desktop.

Windows logo key +M

Minimize all windows.

Windows logo key +Shift+M

Restore minimized windows to the desktop.

Windows logo key +F

Search for a file or folder.

Windows logo key +L

Lock your computer or switch users.

Windows logo key +R

Open the Run dialog box.

Windows logo key +Spacebar

Preview the desktop.

Windows logo key +Up Arrow

Maximize the window.

Windows logo key +Down Arrow

Minimize the window.

Windows logo key +U

Open Ease of Access Center.

Windows logo key +X

Open Windows Mobility Center.

This was last updated in April 2014

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