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Activity Intelligence provides high definition leads TechTarget warehouse of individual activities

TechTarget's in-depth content fuels Activity Intelligence to help you pinpoint the right buyer at the right time.

Historically, marketers’ use of data has been focused on program measurement and justification, largely in response to pressures to demonstrate impact on the pipeline and campaign ROI. Many marketers have taken steps to move from a one-dimensional view of data, to a more proactive and real-time intelligence focus, using marketing intelligence to make strategic decisions related to campaign performance, media mix optimization, and content strategy. But the opportunity to effectively use marketing intelligence to accelerate buyer engagement and drive sales and marketing enablement has not been available until now. Only TechTarget’s innovative Activity Intelligence™ platform can provide intelligence driven marketers the tools they need to drive real revenue for their brands.    

Activity Intelligence is a comprehensive platform that offers a dynamic real-time view of technology professionals' buying process and specific online interactions allowing marketers to strategically identify the right audience and the best opportunities. Built on a proprietary centralized warehouse that catalogues millions of activities that members take with the content they access across our expansive global network, an in-depth profile of editorial, vendor, and peer-to-peer interactions is created for each user, providing specific insight to anticipate their needs and target them as they are researching solutions for an active project. This platform powers a wide array of TechTarget products and reporting services aimed at helping marketers capitalize on this insight and guidance to enable their sales teams and better engage prospects to drive stronger ROI on branding and demand generation efforts.

Activity Intelligence provides unmatched insight into buyer interests

In this video, TechTarget VP of Product Innovation & Architecture, Justin Hoskins, discusses how TechTarget's world-class Activity Intelligence platform gives technology marketers an entirely different perspective on lead generation and powers a number of intelligent solutions to empower marketing and sales.

Activity Intelligence Dashboard

Empowering marketers to enable sales teams to be more productive

Activity intelligence dashboard enables salesActivity Intelligence dashboard is an industry-changing set of reporting tools that helps marketing and sales easily visualize prospects to understand prospect interests, behavior, and stage within the buying cycle, bringing a whole new level of visibility into their leads and marketing campaigns.

While typical lead reports available today are presented merely as basic lists of static data in a spreadsheet, the Activity Intelligence dashboard, standard with all demand generation programs, provides a comprehensive view of each lead, as well as the account associated with that lead by offering innovative features which enable sales teams to have more meaningful follow-up conversations with their prospects to drive more revenue:

Contact Intelligence: Detailed information regarding the activities taken and content a contact has engaged over the course of a marketing campaign, creating a robust profile of each contact for marketing and sales.

Account Intelligence: Detailed view of activity across an entire account. This view aligns opportunity information with the way sales teams already think and work.

Contact Enrichment: Provides marketing and sales with enhanced, third-party validated contact information to supplement details provided by the prospect

Prospect and Account Activity Trending: Updated daily, dashboard provides three Months of activity for every prospect PLUS all future activity.

Personalized Watch Lists: A custom list of accounts, contacts, and activity can be set up for each user of the dashboard.

Alert Notifications: Proactive email alerts notify each user of the dashboard about key reasons to engage. Customized for each user.

Engagement Intelligence: Tool for marketers provides a roll-up view of how prospects and accounts are engaging with your campaign including, Most Engaged Contacts, Reasons to Engage, and Campaign Engagements.


Activity Intelligence Dashboard: Contact Intellignece

What your peers are saying about Activity Intelligence

“We found TechTarget’s Activity Intelligence Dashboard to be easy to implement and delivered immediate value to our inside sales team. Having the ability to see and understand a broader view of how leads and their organizations access TechTarget based resources allows our sales team to effectively focus their prospecting efforts. While we have been using the Activity Intelligence Dashboard for only a short time, we have seen an increase in our ability to successfully contact leads and engage them in productive prospecting conversations.”

– Gary E. Damiano, VP Field Marketing, Composite Software

“The TechTarget Activity Intelligence dashboard created momentum with actionable data that our sales and marketing team was immediately able to leverage. One of our main criteria to work with TechTarget and to adopt the dashboard was its capability of linking marketing to revenue. We are confident that the leads that come out of dashboard will help significantly with our pipeline.”

– Tim Hillison, VP of Global Marketing for NTRglobal

“I have over 3 years of teleprospecting experience, and have worked with close to 20 different companies with various types of campaigns. This campaign provides the most visibility I’ve seen in terms of intelligence prior to dialing.”

– Alexia Shields, Security Business Unit, CA Technologies


Maximize engagement with prospects and accounts

Activity intelligence detects emerging projectsalesTechTarget Re-Engage is available as a $5k add-on to any demand generation program as a way to increase the amount of engagement with prospects and accounts generated within your TechTarget program by facillitating Prospect Initiated Nurturing and Re-targeting specific accounts to reach more prospects and create deeper penetration.

For Re-Engage add-on, TechTarget guarantees additional engagements based on contracted lead guarantee.

Prospect-Initiated Nurturing

Activity Intelligene Prospect-Initiated Nurturing using Engage ad unit

Accelerates engagement and helps build stronger mindshare with active prospects by providing them with additional opportunities to engage with your brand and content. Included in Re-Engage, TechTarget's Demand Engage™ is a dynamic unit presented within vendor content including additional campaign content assets to provide that prospect with the ability to further engage.

Account Re-Targeting

Activity Intelligence Account Re-Targeting

TechTarget's comprehensive account activity intelligence enables you to expand outreach to prospects beyond your own marketing ecosystem to turn undiscovered contacts into known prospects. Emails targeted to known prospects as well as relevant undiscovered contacts on the buying team help you effectively penetrate accounts and create deeper engagement with entire buying teams.

Continuous innovation to keep marketers ahead of the curve

We are always innovating and improving the Activity Intelligence platform and the value of your prospects and marketing campaigns increases with each new enhancement to Activity Intelligence.

Activity Intelligence Timeline

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