TechTarget News - Week of Aug 21, 2011

Search engine optimisation and PPC professionals get 70% pay increase

Executives leading corporate search strategies have seen their pay increase 70% over the last three years. Employees who manage search engine optimisation and pay per click strategies can command annual salaries around £75,000 per year.

The obstacles facing SME suppliers in government IT procurement

The government's aim to widen public sector IT procurement to include more small businesses has been widely welcomed - but many of those suppliers still report that the reality is very different from the intent.

Digital diagnosis: GPs to conduct virtual patient consultations over video link

At a government event recently, Bruce Keogh, the medical director of the NHS, said he would like to see more doctors regularly offering remote consultations to patients via video link within the next year. With the NHS facing severe spending cuts, the move could allow the NHS to make savings while reducing waiting times for millions of patients in the UK.

Virtualization pros get flashy with tier-one apps

Flash storage can break I/O and latency bottlenecks that would otherwise hamper virtualizing high-performance applications.

Alcatel-Lucent relaunches nought per cent finance plan

Alcatel Lucent's financial services arm has announced it is re-running last year's naught per cent financing scheme built around the firm's enterprise solutions for voice, data and unified comms.

Business process outsourcing growth set to continue

Business process outsourcing is set to grow by just shy of double digits in Western Europe this year as customers keep the faith with using third-party providers to help them rather than returning these functions back in-house.

Frontier's Mann takes up marketing role at Aastra

Business comms specialist Aastra has announced the appointment of Colin Mann as its new UK and Ireland marketing manager.

Sabio appoints UC business boss

Former DiData UC practice solutions architect Dan Harding has joined comms integrator and Avaya partnerSabio to head up its unified comms operation.

Resellers braced for action as TouchPad prices slashed

Those resellers with access to TouchPad stock are braced for a busy period after the extent of the price cuts in HP's tablet prices started to filter through. The vendor is looking to shift stock of the mothballed tablet PC line mirroring moves already made overseas.

Did You Know Productivity Facts

Did you know that buying an HP Office jet Pro All-in-One is like getting faxing, scanning and copying for free? Did you know that the OJ Pro also achieves higher cartridge yields of up to 2,200 pages?

Cisco software buy to ease service provider sales process

Cisco has handed over $31m (£18.8m) to acquire the AXIOSS service fulfilment software assets and related employees of Finnish comms software firm Comptel's UK subsidiary.

Why major IT projects are more likely to fail than any others

Major IT projects are 20 times more likely to fail than other business initiatives because project managers are ignoring unpredictable events, says a major research study by Oxford University.

CRM buyers say goodbye to cloud CRM/on-premises debate

The cloud CRM vs. on-premises CRM platform debate, once forefront for many buyers, is taking a back seat to more pressing business drivers as users chart their own courses.

Google Chrome updated; stable released, fixing 11 bugs

Google Chrome stable channel updated to version 13.0.782.215 in second update this month, with 10 high and critical-rated vulnerabilities being fixed.

Micro Focus sale talks collapse

UK software firm Micro Focus has watched its share price slide after revealing that takeover talks with two finance houses have come to an end without a deal being struck.

Drobo recruits HP storage expert to map channel path

Consumer storage specialist Drobo has picked former HPUK and Ireland enterprise storage channel sales manager Marcus Thompson as senior director of EMEA sales as it bets that the launch of a major new SMB storage product will help it ramp up its channel-facing business.

HP launches new 3PAR storage array, federated storage

HP brings out a new high-end 3PAR storage platform and adds Peer Motion federated storage, which lets customers non-disruptively migrate data between 3PAR arrays.

Ex-Riverbed boss to oversee EMEA launch for Tintri

Former Riverbed EMEA vice president Marcus Chambers has popped up at US VM storage specialist Tintri to oversee its expansion into Europe.

Oracle VM more about politics than technology, experts say

As Oracle is on the cusp of announcing Oracle VM 3.0, two experts say Oracle shops tend to move to Oracle VM for licensing and political reasons, and not because of its technical features.

VCE reorgs channel, sales operations

Vblock channel sales should get a boost from move to streamline coverage, VCE execs said.

User virtualisation demands continue to develop

Virtualisation demands are becoming more complex as customers look to replicate some of the multi-tasking they enjoy in the physical world in their virtual environments.

SharePoint 2010 performance management load gets heavier

SharePoint 2010’s increased capabilities, and complexity, require administrators to be more vigilant in managing and maintaining their server farms to ensure best performance.

Eleven-year-old twins pass ICT A-level

Eleven-year-old twins from East London, Paula and Peter Imafidon, were among the youngest students to pass A-level ICT examinations this year.

CompTIA+ provides young IT pro with career boost

Dujon Walsham is a 23 year old IT consultant who has worked on high-profile projects such as the IT infrastructure to capture programmes for ITV Player. His current job involves helping companies like eBay and British Airways adopt cloud computing systems.

Big data: large problems or huge opportunities?

With the increasing ubiquity of technology comes the increase in electronic data. Just a few years ago, corporate databases were measured in tens to hundreds of gigabytes. Now, multi-terabyte or even petabyte databases are normal.

Is Oracle VM 3.0 finally ready for prime time?

New scalability and management features in Oracle VM 3.0 make it a more serious contender, experts say, but the jury’s still out on whether users will consider OVM as a primary hypervisor.

IT sector failure rates rise but large customers hold firm

The number of IT firms hitting the wall rose slightly last month year-on-year as the number of insolvencies across the economy as a whole increased only slightly with large companies holding firm in the face of uncertainty.

Distributors already positioned to handle HP PC exit

Distributors should be able to swallow the loss of HP's PC and tablet business thanks largely to the moves they have been making over the last few years to diversify their portfolios and rely less on just a small handful of large vendors to provide their revenue.

HP to widen scope of channel installation, break-fix services

HP's Technology Services unit is lining up a series of new services for the channel to be launched over the next three to six months, and partners who may be concerned over the potential loss of the PSG business will be encouraged to move up the value stack to take advantage of the enhancements.

Best of VMworld Europe 2011: Nomination form

Enter your products in the Best of VMworld Europe 2011 Awards. The deadline for submission is Wednesday, September 21.

HP launches new 3PAR storage array, federated storage

Headlines: HP brings out a new high-end 3PAR storage platform and adds Peer Motion federated storage, which lets customers non-disruptively migrate data between 3PAR arrays.

IT departments marginalised as UK workers take control

Nearly 70% of British workers are now using at least one of their own devices, whether it be a notebook, smartphone or tablet, in their day-to-day work, according to Mitel, with many end-users expressing a lack of confidence in their IT departments to deliver the latest technology.

Hilton Inc. mines for gold with text analysis evaluation team

Hilton Hotels, in search of valuable customer information and improved service, evaluated and piloted a text analysis program using a comprehensive cross-functional steering team.

IBM offers hybrid cloud

IBM is tackling business reservations about deploying applications in the public cloud with a hybrid approach that monitors access and manages deployments of applications on both public and private cloud systems.

Tata Steel moves to Microsoft Office 365

Indian giant Tata Steel is moving two legacy e-mail systems to Microsoft's cloud-based Office 365 system across its European business.

Steve Jobs calls it time as Apple boss

Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple admitting that he could no longer meet his duties because of his health. Jobs has been battling pancreatic cancer and underwent a liver transplant in 2009. He has been on medical leave since 17 January, dealing with an unspecified problem.

Server demand to slacken in back half of 2011

The global server market has reported its highest second quarter revenue in three years, according to the latest market statsitcs from IDC, but analysts have warned that the good times are not set to continue. "Attention has already turned to the market outlook for the second half of the year.

Ramnit worm variant now dangerous banking malware

The Ramnit worm now supports man-in-the-middle attacks, giving cybercriminals the ability to drain a victim’s bank account.

HP partners to run DIY cloud seminars

HP VARs will be able to resell the firm's Cloud Discovery Workshops as a definable product within the next six months, the firm has said.

Davenport: Invest in your human capital with talent analytics

In this interview, Babson College professor Thomas H. Davenport discusses how businesses like Google are tapping into employee data to further invest in the company’s greatest assets.

BT Engage IT signals that growth ambitions continue

BT Engage IT has completed the first stage of its recruitment drive after hiring in 40 heads but has vowed to keep expanding in order to gain growth.

Avaya cops to three years of losses ahead of IPO

Ahead of its imminent billion dollar IPO, Avaya has divulged crucial details regarding its financial health and revealed three straight years of net losses.

Would you trust an embedded system with your life?

Embedded medical devices have made treatment and diagnosis more convenient and effective. But are these new technologies really ready to rely on?

Will Steve Jobs departure be good for business?

Will the departure of Steve Jobs from Apple's executive suite give successor Tim Cook the opportunity to get into enterprise computing?

Azlan's Sheppard replaces Shorten at Avaya

Former Azlan lynchpin Andrew Sheppard is heading to Avaya as the firm's new UK and Ireland managing director after Lee Shorten stepped down from the role to pursue other opportunities.

Acer woes set to continue through the rest of 2011

This year is going to be one to forget for Acer as the vendor expects little from it financially as it sorts out inventory issues and beds in a fresh management team tasked with turning the fortunes of the struggling hardware player around.

Cook will not rock the Apple boat

Tim Cook the new CEO of Apple has moved swiftly to reassure resellers and staff that the vendor will not change direction following the decision by Steve Jobs to step down.

MicroScope's top stories, week ending 26 August 2011

In a week dominated by the sudden demise of HP's TouchPad tablet and uncertainty over the future of the PSG business, today we look at some of the other stories that hit the headlines in the past week.

Transparency over licensing essential as competition heats up

Reseller advising customers on software licences have urged to be transparent with the costs or face the prospect of finding a rival delivering a more reasonable solution.

Netbook and tablet growth forecast by Asustek

Strong sales of netbooks and tablets are expected to flow through the next three months if the forecasts of Asustek Computer are correct indicating the interest in the small PC form factor has not waned.

Bad Sectors – Dell, HP refresh storage ranges

Dell has announced new EqualLogic products, HP has announced a ‘storage federation’ and the VCE alliance has received a boost from a global partner.