How different companies use the power of IoT

When you look at the use of IoT across different industries, it’s undeniable that IoT is a critical component for the future of businesses and a powerful catalyst for digital transformation. From water filtrations systems, consumer retail experiences and the vaccine cold chain, IoT has created a more connected universe that is helping to solve problems, save money and create lasting solutions that are scalable and accessible for everyone.

Let’s take a look at how different organizations are using IoT to solve real issues, whether on a business or global level:

Donaldson: IoT to improve filtration management and services

Donaldson is a manufacturer of filtration systems and the company started bringing IoT solutions to its legacy industry to solve real business problems. Donaldson recently introduced its iCue connected filtration service, which is an IoT-enabled subscription service that monitors industrial dust collectors. ICue sends data and real-time maintenance alerts directly to facility management teams, which helps prompt timely maintenance to support production uptime and help reduce operating costs.

Donaldson’s connected solutions provide enhanced visibility to data, which help improve filtration management and assist with reducing operating costs. This improves the ability to generate compliance reports and supports equipment management.

Nexleaf Analytics: IoT to protect life-saving vaccines for children around the world

Nexleaf is an IoT non-profit that builds sensors and data analytics platforms to capture insights on the complexity that goes into delivering vaccines to children. The company’s customer-base is made up of governments in the poorest countries who manage complex infrastructure, such as the vaccine cold chain.

One of its products, ColdTrace, is designed to help protect children from diseases by ensuring life-saving vaccines arrive to their final destination safely. ColdTrace does this by remotely monitoring vaccine fridges to provide real-time information on storage temperature and other critical issues to address these problems before the vaccines denature and are ineffective. Their technology and solutions now protect vaccine supplies for one in ten babies born on earth. Without IoT, none of this would be possible.

Perch: Enhancing the in-store experiences with digital marketing

Consumer expectation is changing rapidly, and it has become critical to provide in-store shoppers with an engaging experience. Perch is a leader in physical and digital displays for retail marketing. The company provides reliable, consistent and engaging digital experiences in stores via IoT.

Perch collects real-time behavioral data to see how digital messages convert to physical behavior, such as picking up a product or interacting with a screen. In addition to this real-time behavioral data, Perch monitors real-time network health with active screenshots of what’s currently on display in any store at any time.

This real-time monitoring must be stable and consistent, making exceptional in-store connectivity a priority. Perch must be able to update the apps on its screens with rich video and applications that can have a sizable payload. Reliable connectivity is needed to update the experiences, perform A/B testing and manage the content experience across thousands of units. Whatever the industry, we are seeing the real-life implications of IoT.

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