IDC analysts see more Internet of Things projects ahead

At IDC Directions, analysts predict more Internet of Things projects in the near future.

In case you haven't heard, the Internet of Things is going to be a really big deal. At least, that's the prediction from the folks at IDC. At their Directions conference last month, a good portion of the sessions were devoted to discussion of Internet of Things projects, whereas there was barely a whisper at last year's show. For the uninitiated, the objective of Internet of Things is to connect just about every electronic device we interact with on a daily basis to the Internet. People in the world of big data analytics are excited because this could deliver a massive trove of data to feed into predictive models. IDC analysts think this is one reason why the Internet of Things concept is set to explode.

In this edition of Talking Data, Tech Target editors Ed Burns and Jack Vaughan recap IDC Directions and the reasons why analysts are hopeful when it comes to the Internet of Things. There are certainly some hurdles to jump before we start seeing smart refrigerators and toasters, but there are signs of life. For example, Google made a big splash recently when it bought smart thermostat manufacturer Nest. Take a listen to the podcast to hear why IDC analysts are starting to become more bullish on Internet of Things projects.

Ed Burns is site editor of SearchBusinessAnalytics. Email him at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter: @EdBurnsTT.

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