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IoT device security implications for the future

IoT security has always been a concern for consumers and manufacturers, but future trends in automotive IoT, 5G and smart homes will call for stronger security measures.

IoT is no longer a buzzword but is regarded as a vital step toward connected infrastructure.

IoT integration can improve many daily tasks, and therefore, the technology has made its way into almost every industry across the world.

A network of interconnected electronic devices falls under the umbrella of IoT. The devices not only add convenience, but also improve control of several automation processes. In 2021, market researcher IoT Analytics expected the global number of connected IoT devices to grow to 12.3 billion active endpoints, operating across the globe. This number is bound to increase in the future. Virtual assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, have helped bridge the gap between human users and networks of interconnected devices. If the IoT industry continues to improve, the future of connecting smart cities will not remain a far-fetched dream. However, the security of IoT devices remains a challenge yet to be overcome.

5 predictions for IoT security

As devices continuously connect to the internet, they are vulnerable to cyber attacks and malware. Security improvements will become increasingly important in the future. What's more, customers are willing to pay a few extra bucks for additional security measures. Here are some major predictions in the IoT industry and security services market that will make an appearance in the future.

1. Automotive IoT will advance

While companies have heavily invested in consumer IoT devices for the smart home, the future lies with automotive IoT. The advancements in autonomous vehicles have created some lucrative opportunities for the automotive IoT industry. Security concerns regarding automotive IoT would remain the most vital aspect of the industry because users entrust their lives to their cars. Any attack or malware in the technology could cost lives.

2. IoT technology will still see slow adoption

Market players have invested in the technology, but customers are still slow to react to the changing IoT market and adoption. Although IoT device use has increased significantly, the community is not ready to use the vastly interconnected world of voice-activated devices. Companies must be patient with the slow reacting market and brace for negative impact on investments.

3. 5G infrastructure will grow

The advent of 5G infrastructure is expected to offer a boost to the IoT industry. However, there are some challenges that 5G could introduce to the IoT industry. 5G infrastructure will play a vital role in facilitating the spread of IoT-connected devices. However, specific security issues of the 5G network are yet to be handled, such as an increased attack surface as IoT devices spread with connectivity.

4. Consumer IoT will implement hardware firewalls

Startups and major market players have developed faster and more affordable IoT devices than the conventional alternatives. As consumers become more conscious regarding their privacy and safety of the IoT devices, protection must improve. For the safety of these devices, IoT will likely use hardware firewalls to ensure security from hacks, viruses and phishing scams.

5. Cybersecurity for smart homes will increase

The popularity of smart homes has grown drastically over the last couple of years. A home IoT network will require a new level of IoT security measures, which offer new opportunities for diversification of the security market. More companies will offer security services for smart home networks. Currently, a specialist creating the IoT devices and providing IoT services uses security services.

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