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Prove your expertise with this IoT security quiz

Think you know all there is to know about securing IoT devices on an enterprise network? Test your grasp of IoT security threats with this quiz.

IoT security is notoriously difficult, which means it's a necessity for IT administrators to know the ins and outs of IoT and security best practices.

IoT deployments amplify the risks that organizations must contend with. IoT devices at the edge of corporate networks expand the attack surface and often lack built-in security measures or a consistent standard used across devices. Many legacy systems that organizations now connect to their network using IoT were not made with connectivity in mind and introduce new vulnerabilities. IT admins must also figure out how to update or patch IoT devices in remote locations.

Although many standards organizations developed security frameworks and some regulations emerged around IoT devices -- such as the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act, California Consumer Privacy Act and GDPR -- IT admins' work to secure IoT devices remains fraught with difficulty. Many basic security measures remain the same for IoT technology, including educating employees on security hygiene and authenticating devices. IT admins can also employ tools for device discovery and network segmentation.

Whether you want to prove your expertise or are looking for a refresher, take this IoT security quiz to get a baseline of your IoT knowledge and security best practices.

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