TechTarget News - Week of Aug 07, 2011

Who needs MPLS? A dark fibre network saves York Council

The City of York Council set out to rethink its Internet and voice network services and ended up building a dark fibre network that will support city-wide free wireless.

Blackberry to co-operate with police after youths used BBM to organise riots

Research in Motion has said that it will co-operate with the police after it was revealed that London rioters used Blackberry Messenger rather than Twitter to organise looting sprees across the capital, with violence later spreading to Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol.

US woman sues Google over Gmail scanning

A woman has filed a class action suit against Google for scanning all e-mail sent to Gmail account holders to use for targeted advertising campaigns.

Data quality improvement impeded by lack of automation

Data quality improvement has boosted revenue at 12% of a sample of UK companies. Progress impeded by poor automation, says research from QAS: 42% use Excel spreadsheets to detect data quality issues.

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