TechTarget News - Week of Apr 29, 2012

Government launches MyCSP mutual project

The government has launched the first of a planned series of mutuals which take public services and split the ownership between government, staff and private sector.

Half of UK networks vulnerable to APTs

Many UK corporate networks are vulnerable to advanced persistent threats (APTs), a survey has revealed.

G-Cloud cost £4.93m to set up, says Maude

The government’s G-Cloud programme and CloudStore cost £4.93m to set up, Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said in response to a parliamentary question.

MasterCard certifies raft of NFC mobiles

MasterCard has certified HTC, Intel, LG, Nokia, RIM, Samsung and Sony mobiles to use its near field communications (NFC) payment system

SOCA takes its website offline in DDoS response

Just days after SOCA shut down carder sites, the agency was the victim of a DDoS attack, leading SOCA to takes its website offline.

UK to expand cyber info-sharing hub after initial success

A public/private cyber security initiative exposed a campaign of malicious emails targeting UK defence companies, Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude has revealed.

London to test urban operating system

London is to test an operating system developed to support the smart cities of the future to keep buildings, traffic and services running smoothly.

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