TechTarget News - Week of Jun 26, 2016

Intel considers sale of security business

Intel is reportedly considering the sale of its security business to generate capital as the company restructures

Hospitals targeted using camouflaged old malware

Specialised devices running older versions of operating systems are becoming critical points of cyber attack vulnerability, warns TrapX Security

Banking IT community faces uncertain Brexit future

The financial services IT community faces a period of uncertainty as finance firms reassess plans following the EU referendum result

Uncertainty ahead for government IT following Brexit

Uncertainty, funding issues and potential changes to procurement lie ahead as the UK prepares to negotiate its Brexit deal, but suppliers remain cautiously optimistic

Intel reportedly considering selling its security business

New reports suggest Intel may be looking into selling off its security business, and experts are unclear whether it means Intel's McAfee acquisition has gone sour.

Malaysia approaches fintech with Islamic twist

A fintech Islamic finance platform that links leaders with businesses via banks in Malaysia will change the role of Islamic lenders

Bet365 bets on Simplivity hyper-converged for test and dev

Bet365 follows up its move to object storage with efficiency gains that result from migration of test and dev work to Simplivity hyper-converged infrastructure from HDS SAN

Outgoing information commissioner claims good year for ICO

The ICO is to discuss with government the implications of the Brexit vote and its effect on data protection reform in the UK, says outgoing information commissioner Christopher Graham

Facebook data case raises US national security issues

Dublin court case on the legality of Facebook’s data transfers to the US raises issues that affect US national security, claims US Department of Justice

Mist spreads new idea for cloud-managed Wi-Fi

Startup Mist rolls out a wireless service that blends artificial intelligence, virtual Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and unprecedented visibility into network performance.

LizardStresser IoT botnet launches 400Gbps DDoS attack

Attack groups using the LizardStresser botnet are exploiting IoT devices to mount massive DDoS attacks without using amplification techniques, say researchers

Nearly half of NHS CIOs concerned about paperless 2020 target

While most agree that electronic patient records are beneficial, nearly half of NHS CIOs are worried about meeting NHS England’s mandate of going paperless by 2020, according to a survey

Lloyds Banking Group wields axe to IT staff

Lloyds Banking Group announces it is cutting IT jobs as part of a cost-cutting plan, which also sees 23 branches close

Pivot3 merges hyper-converged and all-flash in vSTAC SLX

Pivot3 clusters its hyper-converged infrastructure boxes with NexGen all-flash to give vSTAC SLX products aimed at multiple workloads, but with key apps’ performance QoS-protected

UK top for mobile broadband speed, says Akamai

Akamai’s latest State of the Internet report says the average mobile broadband user in the UK can expect to get a service speed close to 30Mbps

HPE wins $3bn in damages from Oracle

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has won $3bn in damages after a five-year legal battle with Oracle over its decision to stop supporting its database on Itanium-based servers

China-based Android Trojan netting $500,000 a day

Security researchers say fast-spreading Hummer Android malware could be netting cyber criminals around $500,000 a day for installing porn and other apps on mobile phones

DevOps automation boosts Rosetta Stone's app delivery

The language learning company uses multiple tools to make its DevOps environment run smoothly, but Docker has been the key to streamlining application releases.

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