TechTarget News - Week of Aug 07, 2016

900 million Android devices vulnerable to attackers

Enterprises and individuals need to install security updates for all devices with vulnerable Qualcomm chip drivers if they want to ensure attackers can‘t take control of them, warns Check Point

IT failure grounds Delta flights worldwide

US airline Delta has temporarily grounded flights worldwide after a power failure took key IT systems offline in its home base of Atlanta, Georgia

Australians vent census privacy concerns

The Australian census has triggered a privacy debate after it emerged that the citizen data it collects will be held for years

Vodafone to end broadband landline rental charges

Vodafone becomes the first UK internet service provider to remove line rental charges for new and upgrading fibre-based broadband customers

E8 launches D24 NVMe PCIe SSD-based all-flash arrays

Startup E8 aims at high-end use cases with arrays built from commodity NVMe PCIe flash drives and performance figures that rival EMC’s high-end DSSD D5 rackscale flash

Retail banks ordered to open up APIs

The Competitions and Markets Authority opens up the banking apps market following an investigation into how to create greater competition in banking

MI5 staff repeatedly overrode data surveillance rules

Security service MI5 is responsible for 210 “clear contraventions” over five years for the way it accessed private internet and telephone data

IPT fines Police Scotland for communications breach of privacy

The case comes as the UK government prepares to introduce the Investigatory Powers Bill, which will give sweeping powers for suspicion-less surveillance of telephone, web and email communications

Intel to acquire AI firm Nervana Systems

Chip maker Intel is to acquire artificial intelligence firm Nervana Systems in a bid to take AI to the next level based on its Xeon and Phi processors

South East Coast Ambulance Service deploys EPR on iPads

The South East Coast Ambulance Service has implemented the Evolve electronic patient record (EPR) system from Kainos to let staff look up and enter patient data while attending emergencies

Nimble adds to all-flash arrays with entry-level AF1000

Nimble made its debut in all-flash in February 2016, but now adds an entry-level array, the AF1000, plus upgrades to its hybrid flash array products that up performance and capacity

Russia competition watchdog fines Google $6.8m over Android

As Google faces a fine of around $3bn for anti-competitive practices in Europe, Russian authorities have ordered the internet giant to pay $6.8m for abusing its dominant position with Android device makers

Financial cyber attacks increase as malware writers join forces

Financial malware attacks increased 16% in the second quarter of the year, driven by collaboration between the developers of two banking Trojans in the top the financial malware threats, says Kaspersky Lab

Agencies urged to speed up Next-Generation 911 transition

Municipalities are being urged toward Next-Generation 911 as phone companies complete fiber optic cable transition, and Google Fiber's Webpass acquisition will make wireless broadband connections possible.

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