TechTarget News - Week of Feb 05, 2017

Openreach launches enhanced duct and pole mapping service

BT’s infrastructure arm, Openreach, has made digital maps showing its duct and pole network infrastructure available to allow other comms services providers to plan new fibre broadband networks

Google to appeal against order to hand over foreign emails

UK firms urged to consider the risks of non-UK cloud service providers and to encrypt data in the light of another US warrant to access emails held by a US cloud services firm on non-US servers

Open source object storage startup OpenIO adds hardware

Up to 96 nano nodes fit in OpenIO's SLS-4U96 chassis. Each ARM CPU manages a single high-capacity disk and a small amount of flash storage for fast metadata access.

5G deployments will address burgeoning data demand, says Cisco

In its latest Mobile Visual Networking Index (VNI) report, Cisco says it expects large-scale 5G infrastructure deployments to be well in hand by the end of the decade as more and more data is consumed

SQL Slammer worm makes a comeback 14 years later

The SQL Slammer worm returned to take down systems that have been left unpatched for the past 14 years, but experts are unsure if the attacks will continue.

Just Eat uses startup accelerator to stay ahead in foodtech

Online food ordering service’s head of corporate ventures explains how helping startups through its accelerator programme helps it to keep in the centre of the food technology ecosystem

Google to appeal after loss in cloud data privacy case

Further battle over cloud data privacy is imminent, as a court decides against Google and declines to consider Microsoft's recent appeal victory as precedent.

NHS websites defaced by Tunisian Islamist hacktivists

Another series of pro-Islamic State hacktivist attacks on NHS websites has underlined the need to harden websites and keep software up to date as attackers exploit a vulnerability in WordPress

Kaminario K2 array boosts performance, capacity

New Kaminario all-flash array features higher performance and capacity, improves data reduction guarantee to 4:1 and offers faster storage networking options.

Qumulo QC update adds flexible file quotas, PB array

Qumulo NAS upgrade allows data to move between quota domains without rewriting the file system. QC360 hardware is a petabyte-scale addition to its QC-Series hybrid disk lineup.

Lack of data sharing is barrier to health and social care integration

NHS and social care organisations are still unsure of when to share information because of a “confusing” regulatory framework, and the National Audit Office is unimpressed with the progress on health and social care integration

An Avaya networking sale may prove challenging

This week, bloggers look into challenges facing an Avaya networking sale, ZeroStack's launch of automated infrastructure, and discuss the hot topics of this year's RSA Conference.

Is the Ticketbleed flaw the new Heartbleed vulnerability?

News roundup: F5 virtual server flaw, dubbed Ticketbleed, is similar to Heartbleed. Plus, DHS is considering requiring social media passwords on visa applications, and more.

Corero: Telecom carriers have fallen behind on DDoS defense

Corero Network Security's Dave Larson talks with SearchSecurity about how DDoS defense has changed and why telecom service providers have struggled to keep up with new threats.

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