TechTarget News - Week of Dec 03, 2017

Australia-Singapore submarine cable connection cut again

The damage to the SEA-ME-WE3 cable took place more than 1,000 km from Singapore, affecting Australian internet users who can expect increased latency to Asian destinations

Ex-NSA employee pleads guilty to removing classified data

The former NSA employee reportedly responsible for exposing classified data to Russian government hackers pleaded guilty and faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Researchers warn of new support scam malware

Security researchers have identified a new strain of support scam malware and a way of clearing up infected machines

Bitcoin industry enters top 10 DDoS targets

The bitcoin industry has become one of the top 10 industries most targeted by distributed denial of service attacks, a report has revealed

Apple High Sierra patch undone by macOS update

Apple released a High Sierra patch to fix a serious macOS authentication vulnerability discovered last week, but users could accidentally undo the patch with a routine OS update.

CIO interview: Carlos Abarca, TSB

Carlos Abarca is guiding TSB through its migration from systems hosted by a competitor to a digitally focused in-house core banking platform.

Barefoot Tofino chip tapped for Deep Insight network monitor

Barefoot Networks has introduced packet-based monitoring software, called Deep Insight. The new product uses data processed on switches powered by the Barefoot Tofino chip.

Cloudian HyperFile marries NAS and object storage

Cloudian's HyperFile and HyperStore merge NAS and object storage for unstructured data. The new HyperFile appliance targets medical imaging, engineering files and legal documents.

Salesforce small-business CRM customers can tap into AI, too

Salesforce small-business faces heavy competition from more nimble, agile, less expensive boutique CRM vendors. Yet, the largest CRM platform woos SMBs like it does bigger fish with features for AI.

Army cyber officer hiring to build the future of warfare

A new initiative plans Army cyber officer hiring over the course of five years, but experts are skeptical it can attract the best candidates away from the private sector.

Hackers steal nearly $80m in bitcoin

Hackers have stolen nearly $80m worth of bitcoin from a bitcoin mining service as the cryptocurrency’s value continues to skyrocket

Paul Coby to step down as John Lewis CIO

CIO of retailer John Lewis, Paul Coby, has announced he will be stepping down from his role in 2018, after almost seven years

SwiftStack object storage integrates file protocol support

New SwiftStack 6.0 storage software supports Universal Access to data with added support for SMB/NFS file protocols to go with Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift object APIs.

Emergency Microsoft patch out for Malware Protection Engine

A critical vulnerability found in the Windows Malware Protection Engine required an emergency Microsoft patch, but one expert said Microsoft hasn't handled the announcement well.

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