TechTarget News - Week of May 27, 2018

Dedicated HPC infrastructure still rules, says Huawei

A Huawei executive makes the case for dedicated high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure, despite the growth of public cloud services that have democratised access to HPC and AI capabilities

Compleat Software makes channel return

After a break the accountancy software player is back in the channel with a solution built from scratch with partners in mind

Max Schrems’s NOYB initiates GDPR action

A privacy NGO led by Austrian lawyer Max Schrems is among the first to file complaints under the GDPR against Google, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook

Policy Exchange report calls for GDS to be moved to DCMS

Think-tank wants Government Digital Service to create a “single digital government account” for citizens, and says bringing the organisation into the Department for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport will improve focus on “all aspects of digital transformation”

UK security spend low despite breaches

The UK is the most breached country in Europe, but IT security spend remains low compared with other countries in the region, a report reveals

Salary is the biggest motivator for software developers

A survey finds that benefits such as free food and drink or a modern office space are not the main motivator for most developers, with the majority prioritising a higher salary

Business still not addressing insider threat

Businesses are still not addressing inside threats when it comes to cyber security, leaving themselves wide open to data breaches as a result, according to a security analyst

Identity and access management tools add AI, microservices

AI and as-a-service platforms enable IT to take a more hands-off approach. But with adoption in the early stages, most IT pros wonder what the future holds for identity management.

Call center chatbots draw skepticism from leaders

Call centers must live up to demanding quality and performance standards. Until artificial intelligence chatbots can meet those expectations, they don't stand a chance.

Threat hunting technology is on the rise, so are threats

Detection of advanced threats is the top challenge for 55% of security operations centers, according to a new survey, as more companies explore threat hunting programs.

US issues warning about North Korean malware

US government has identified more than 85 networks compromised by two malware families believed to be North Korean in origin

Fortinet increases MSSP support

The security player continues to add depth to the options it can offer those providing managed security services

Developers set to build AI for Accessibility apps

Developers will support Microsoft's $25 million push to get software makers to build apps that benefit disabled individuals.

Lifesize looks to make outfitting huddle rooms cheaper

Lifesize has released a cloud-based device for wireless screen sharing. The vendor also previewed a video conferencing kit designed for outfitting huddle rooms for video conferencing.

Cato's network security feature on the hunt for threats

Cato Networks added a network security feature that detects and identifies threats within customer networks. The capability is built into Cato's SD-WAN platform, Cato Cloud.

Feds issue new alert on North Korean hacking campaigns

The U.S. government claims two notable malware campaigns are the work of North Korean nation-state hacking group Hidden Cobra, also known as the Lazarus Group.

Pure Storage cloud plan gets warm reception from end users

Pure Storage made new FlashArray and FlashBlade all-flash systems generally available this week, emphasizing their role in moving data seamlessly between local and cloud storage.

Chef Habitat early adopters sing app automation praises

Chef Habitat can ease application deployments and updates, and ensure high availability, but there's still a lot of confusion among IT pros about precisely where it fits in the DevOps toolchain.

AWS to bolster cloud skills development in Singapore

The training arm of Singapore’s labour movement is rolling out training courses in cooperation with Amazon Web Services to improve cloud computing literacy among SMEs

VPN hacks can be lethal, warns security expert

Organisations should not overlook the need to secure VPN connections because failure to do so could be fatal, but 2FA alone is not enough, warns a security expert

Sweden and India in technology collaboration

Sweden has entered a partnership with India that will include joint work on smart city and mobility technologies

News briefs: SAP offers HR tool for visa management

In these news briefs, SAP tackles visa management, Microsoft is using a startup to manage its career site, and a startup has released a blockchain-based HR platform.

Veeam enterprise push embraces 'hyper-availability,' cloud

Noting that 'data is the currency of the enterprise,' Veeam is taking its platform beyond protection and into more management. VeeamON 2018 laid the groundwork for its strategy.

Enterprise cybersecurity strategy: What a CIO needs to know

Digital transformation is leaving businesses exposed to more cyberattacks. At the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, panelists explain how much cybersecurity expertise is expected of CIOs.

AT&T NetBond for Cloud connects Google to enterprises

AT&T NetBond for Cloud is the latest member of Google's Partner Interconnect. The AT&T service provides midsize enterprises with private connections of up to 10 Gbps to Google Cloud.

BBC to show World Cup in virtual reality

Broadcaster will trial virtual reality and ultra HD live streams of the FIFA World Cup through BBC iPlayer and a dedicated VR app

BI vendors aim to ease visual data analysis by business users

Despite the self-service BI push, enabling end users to take the lead on analyzing and visualizing data is often still a challenge -- one that vendors continue to address.

VMware is redesigning NSX networking for the cloud

A VMware researcher says the company is preparing a new version of NSX networking for public clouds and expects the technology to be available in about a year.

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