TechTarget News - Week of Jul 26, 2020

Australia issues new cloud computing guidelines

The new guidance, which comes after the expiry of the government’s cloud services certification programme, will help to bolster Australia’s cyber security resilience

Hybrid working becomes the new collaboration imperative

New report reveals that ‘astutely’ navigating work practices, spaces and culture will help respond to crisis, redefine the purpose and reinvent the future of work

UK fintech investment down by more than 30%

Less-established fintechs have been hit the hardest by the drop in investment capital, but there is light ahead for those that survive

Microsoft contemplates new DaaS product, 'Cloud PC'

Unexpected consumption costs mar companies' adoption of the cloud. The reported Microsoft Cloud PC, with per-user pricing, could ease that issue.

MI6 apologises after attempt to interfere with intelligence court

The UK Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, has apologised after attempting to persuade the secretary of Britain’s most secret court to withhold documents from senior judges in a case about crimes by undercover agents

Emotet botnet hacked, malware replaced with humorous GIFs

Malware distribution network Emotet has been hacked by a potential threat actor of unknown origin, with malware payloads now being replaced with GIFs of James Franco and others.

Layoffs narrow gender pay gap, but equity battle continues

The gender pay equity gap improved a little in the second quarter, but the results stem from recent layoffs, especially among women in hospitality and retail industries.

What's next for SuccessFactors HR after Qualtrics IPO?

After it acquired Qualtrics, SAP said the experience management software company would be core to its SuccessFactors HR strategy. Then SAP decided to spin it out in an IPO.

Vector and AWS team up on ‘new energy platform’

New Zealand-based energy supplier Vector partners AWS to develop an IoT and analytics platform to speed up processing of smart meter data and to tailor products and pricing for customers

Trams celebrates 30 years

Reseller reaches milestone and reflects on its history, with its people getting the nod for helping the firm prosper over three decades

Latent demand for fertility tech identified by market study

Global investment in fertility tech startups tops $2.2bn over five-year period, with significant growth opportunities going forward due to combination of technological innovation and latent demand for fertility treatments

UK government aims fintech industry at Africa

UK government is building fintech relationships with developing countries, beginning with a pilot programme in Africa

Backblaze cloud offers free S3 migration service

Backblaze provides a point-and-click migration service out of Amazon S3. In related news, the Backblaze S3-compatible APIs became generally available.

What's in a name? Dell EMC PowerFlex brand replaces VxFlex

Vendor claims hundreds of Dell EMC PowerFlex customers in education, finance and healthcare. It marks the second name change for ScaleIO platform that EMC bought in 2013.

Snyk shows developers top-priority vulnerabilities

Snyk's new prioritization capabilities help developers decide which security vulnerabilities to address first in order to shore up enterprise systems.

Data accuracy vendor boosts MDM data quality

Naveego's latest platform update introduces a new user interface that looks to make it easier for users to integrate different data sources while ensuring data quality.

Why supply chain visibility is key to APAC retailers

Having complete visibility over the supply chain will enable retailers to tide over the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and transform their businesses

Aptum tracks shifting responses to cloud

Firm shares research with its channel that shows just how far most customers have come to adopting the cloud during the coronavirus pandemic

Campaigners urge government to resist big tech lobbying pressure

Lobbyists for big tech, supported by senior US politicians, have rallied against stricter regulation of technology companies, and threatened the US-UK trade deal unless Britain scraps plans to levy a digital services tax

Oracle CX head Rob Tarkoff: Acquisition integrations complete

The executive vice president of CX and Oracle Data Cloud discusses how acquired technologies have been fully integrated into Oracle's customer experience SaaS application stack.

NetBackup 8.3 adds cloud data protection, DR

NetBackup 8.3 folds in two other Veritas products, expanding its data protection into public clouds and providing resilience against ransomware attacks.

Rockset updates real-time indexing cloud database

Technology based on the open source RocksDB project is helping cloud database vendor Rockset improve scalability for real-time data applications that don't benefit from data lakes.

Altova debuts debugger for low-code applications

Low-code app development could gain a quality boost from Altova and its debugger for low-code applications, which helps developers catch and fix bugs in the development process.

Pivot3 Acuity streamlines streaming video with automation

Pivot3 Acuity refresh injects health analytics and tools to orchestrate system-wide HCI upgrades. The vendor targets organizations with dense streaming media.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 beta released

The latest beta of Red Hat Enterprise Linux has new System Roles for logging and environmental metrics, along with improvements to help developers create more stable applications.

Styra policy builder eases access to IT compliance as code

Styra's Rego Policy Builder guides novice users through the process of rendering OPA policies, part of the vendor's push to broaden the audience for its commercial software.

ADP starts reopening offices, stays firm on HCM plans

In an earnings call, ADP CEO said the company will manage the COVID-19 pandemic just like it has previous crises. It will take the long view and maintain its HCM investment.

Agile adoption still in early stages

Less than a quarter of organisations made it past the step of defining their agile approach while more than half are just getting started, study finds

List of Blackbaud breach victims tops 120

More than 120 education and third-sector organisations may have had their data compromised through the breach of Blackbaud’s cloud platform

UK rural full-fibre broadband network expanded further

Over three million more homes and businesses in rural areas of the UK given the opportunity to get ultra-reliable, gigabit-ready, full-fibre broadband by mid-2020s

Finland government funds work on potential quantum leap

Finland's government is committing money to the development of quantum computing technologies to potentially provide a giant leap for the nation's industries

Treasury plans speedy approach to project delivery

Treasury will become the “new radicals” of Whitehall, taking charge of getting rid of legacy IT, making data-driven decisions and investing in data infrastructure

New Relic pricing plummets with product overhaul

New Relic dropped pricing for a newly unified set of IT monitoring tools, as it faces fresh competitive pressures and users adjust to cloud-native complexity.

EC launches digital identity consultation

European Commission’s consultation will look at revisions to the eIDAS regulation, aiming to improve effectiveness and extend it to the private sector

MinIO object storage supports Veeam backup

MinIO's partnership with Veeam promises it can make Veeam Backup and Replication run at primary storage speeds while also providing immutability for backup data.

Yammer redesign includes tighter Microsoft Teams integration

The Yammer redesign underscores Microsoft's renewed commitment to the social networking app after years of speculation that it would discontinue the product and focus on Teams.

'Meow' attacks continue, thousands of databases deleted

More than one week later, the mysterious attacks on insecure databases on ElasticSearch, MongoDB and others have not only persisted but grown, with no explanation.

Hasura Cloud launches GraphQL-as-a-service platform

Hasura made its GraphQL platform available as a managed service, enabling organizations to connect and query different data sources using the open source GraphQL language.

Congress explores pros, cons of remote work trends

Remote work trends in the private sector are getting fresh attention from U.S. lawmakers. Two hearings last week looked at aspects of this shift to flexible and full-time remote work.

Juniper Mist stretches to WAN management

Jackson Electric Cooperative expects Juniper Mist's new WAN management features to reduce the number of customer trouble tickets and simplify access to network performance data.

EU sanctions China and Russia over cyber attacks

The EU is applying restrictive measure to six individuals and three entities accused of conducting disruptive cyber attacks in Europe, including the Russian GRU

US lawmakers grill big tech chiefs over market power

Sixth antitrust hearing sees CEOs of major technology companies face combative questioning from members of Congress over their market power and dominance

Hancock: Better tech means better healthcare

The coronavirus pandemic has “catalysed” data-driven decision making in the NHS, according to health secretary Matt Hancock, promising a future NHS that “doubles down” on technological advances

BT takes Covid-19 hit but claims strong first quarter

Comms provider warns of further impact from pandemic in future quarters as a result of insolvency, slower decision-making by larger customers and lower usage across businesses

Intuit AI, knowledge engineering help power Aid Assist

The principal product manager at Intuit talks about the company's use of machine learning, natural language processing and knowledge engineering in its new Aid Assist tool.

ICO launches guidance on AI and data protection

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published guidance aimed at rendering the application of machine learning to data compliant with data protection principles

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