TechTarget News - Week of Aug 08, 2021

Transparency after a cyber attack: How much is too much?

Sharing threat intelligence and proof-of-concept exploits can often help other organizations better defend themselves, but such efforts are hampered by obstacles and restrictions.

ITAD demand rising as offices reopen

As staff head back to work, questions about disposing of old equipment and erasing data are also increasing

Need for strong internet connection keeps Brits indoors

Study from leading UK communications provider highlights that although a new normal is coming for a significant number of UK workers, so are new problems and the need to create a better work-life balance

Possible ransomware attack hits Italian vaccine booking system

It is still unclear who is behind the attack that caused Covid-19 vaccine bookings in Lazio, Italy, to grind to a halt, as despite masses of files being encrypted no specific ransom demands have been made for the decryptor

'ProxyShell' Exchange bugs resurface after presentation

A critical vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange is once again making the rounds with attackers, following a Black Hat presentation from the researcher who found it.

How Grab is using Kafka in fraud detection

Grab is using Apache Kafka in its fraud detection and prevention platform to ingest event streams from its mobile software development kits and client backends to pick up fraudulent activities

New machine learning algorithm to detect quantum errors

University of Sydney and quantum control startup Q-CTRL have developed a new way to reduce quantum computing errors using custom machine learning algorithms

Researchers uncover database with 126 million unsecured records

Business-to-business marketing firm OneMoreLead was storing tens of millions of records in an unsecured database, exposing at least 63 million people to fraud, identify theft and phishing campaigns

SonicWall thanks partners as it turns 30

Security player SonicWall marks milestone and recognises the importance of having an indirect model

Global 5G market set for 3.2 billion connections by 2026

Study suggests that as network orchestration tools maximise monetisation, next-generation infrastructures will grow at a staggering rate of 940% over the next five years

Ransomware demands and payments hit new records

Ransomware groups continue to intensify their operations as ransom demands and payments increase alongside use of “quadruple extortion” tactics during first half of 2021

DELTA taps Nokia to develop 400G optical transport network

High capacity optical network for both core and metro applications will support operator’s aggressive fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) roll-out in the Netherlands over the next decade

Tellius-Looker analytics partnership enhances powers of both

A partnership between Tellius and Looker will enable users to combine Tellius' AI and machine learning technology with Looker's data modeling and app development capabilities.

Adobe, Salesforce expand health clouds

Adobe releases Experience Manager for Healthcare and plugs its CDP into marketing and clinical data; Salesforce releases healthcare features.

Oracle puts MySQL HeatWave on Autopilot

Oracle updated its MySQL database cloud service with new capabilities designed to automate and optimize database operations and query execution.

Kyligence 4.5 adds Clickhouse to Intelligent Data Cloud

The open source Clickhouse OLAP database joins the Apache Kylin analytical data warehouse in a new update that provides a platform for different types of data queries.

Global fintech investments reach new heights

The global financial technology industry is emerging from the pandemic-triggered slowdown with record levels of investment to fuel further growth

Microsoft fixes seven critical bugs on light Patch Tuesday

All seven critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s August Patch Tuesday were related to remote code execution, and there was one zero-day related to Windows Update Medic Service

Hackers selling access to breached networks for $10,000

Network access is a closely-guarded commodity in underground hacker forums, with some sellers not even revealing the names of their victims until money has changed hands.

In $5.2B deal, Cornerstone OnDemand goes private

Cornerstone OnDemand has been acquired by Clearlake Capital Group, a move that will give it the financial support, flexibility and room to grow, experts said.

NortonLifeLock and Avast joining forces in $8 billion merger

The combined company from NortonLifeLock and Avast will be dual-headquartered in Arizona and Prague, and will serve 500 million users, including 40 million direct customers.

SIOS Protection Suite update enhances HA for cloud and SAP

Improvements to the SIOS Protection Suite include planned failovers of SAP S/4HANA with zero downtime, GCP support and integration with third-party tools via CLI.

Talend updates data fabric with more collaboration

With its summer 2021 update, data integration vendor Talend boosted its data sharing and integration features to help business users share trusted data sources.

Accenture responds to LockBit ransomware attack

The LockBit ransomware crew claims to have stolen data from IT services and consulting giant Accenture, but the company said no customer systems were affected in the attack.

Singapore’s NUHS kicks off holomedicine research

Singapore neurosurgeons are testing the use of Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset to locate brain tumours with higher precision and improve patient safety

Supply chain the target for cyber criminals

Research from Webroot indicates a rising number of attacks and Ordr exposes the work still needed to move some customers away from ageing systems

LGA goes live with Digital Pathfinders Programme

Programme offers £20,000 in funding to councils that come up with ‘pioneering solutions’ for cyber security, digital inclusion and connectivity

United Group contract sees Nokia hail core 3G/4G/5G tech success

Southeast Europe alternative telecom enhances wireless network so that it can transfer large volumes of data fast, securely and with very low latency to cope with surge in connected devices and other demands from mobile users

Multicloud adoption on the rise

But IT decision-makers are wary of costs and worried that they have insufficient skills to maintain secure environments

ICO consults on new international data transfer agreement

Information Commissioner’s Office to consult on its draft international data transfer agreement and guidance, which will replace standard contractual clauses to protect personal data during overseas transfers

Samsung moves closer to business use with Galaxy Z Fold3

Samsung's latest foldable smartphone has features likely to appeal to businesspeople, including a more durable body and display and support for the S Pen stylus.

Maintel appoints ESG leader

Managed service provider takes its commitment to the environment to another level with the decision to create fresh role

NCSC for Startups initiative launched with Plexal

National Cyber Security Centre and Plexal will support startups to develop products to address the government’s cyber security priorities

Qlik acquisition of NodeGraph adds data management tech

Qlik said it acquired NodeGraph in a move aimed at enhancing the longtime analytics vendor's data management capabilities, including data pipeline and governance features.

Number of girls taking GCSE computing drops in 2021

While the overall number of students in the UK taking computing GCSEs in the UK in 2021 increased from last year, the number of girls taking the subject saw a year-on-year drop

Microsoft discloses new print spooler flaw without patch

The latest flaw in Windows print spooler software, which has yet to be patched, comes weeks after the PrintNightmare vulnerability and other related bugs.

Microsoft buys Peer5 to ease Teams' network demands

Microsoft's purchase of Peer5 adds to Teams an enterprise content delivery network that reduces the strain large video meetings place on corporate networks.

Months after the Accellion breach, more victims emerge

The Accellion breach occurred last December, but more victims have come to light in recent weeks as investigations, notifications and disclosures stretch on through the summer.

DevSecOps acquisitions follow enterprise IT shift

As IT roles converge under DevSecOps, enterprise IT vendors are consolidating as well, blending security features with developer appeal in a string of mergers and acquisitions.

How to get API deployments right

Application programming interfaces are not the panacea for digital transformation and could even lead to escalating costs for problems that are better addressed through integration

CityFibre continues full-fibre roll-out in Glasgow

The UK’s largest independent full fibre platform begins work on next stage as part of its national gigabit broadband roll-out in Scotland’s largest city

Hospitals see cyber security investment as a low priority

Almost half of hospitals have experienced an IT shutdown as a result of a cyber attack in the past six months, but just over one in 10 hospital executives see cyber security investment as a high priority

Verizon expands global automation capabilities in collaboration with Equinix

Expansion of SDI solution aims to enable enterprise and public sector customers to connect their MPLS and Ethernet private networking services to hundreds of cloud, infrastructure and service providers with automated, same-day connectivity

UN special rapporteurs call for surveillance tech moratorium

In the wake of revelations about NSO Groups Pegasus spyware, a number of special rapporteurs from the United Nations are re-igniting calls for a global moratorium on the sale and transfer of surveillance technologies

Tbaytel wraps new voice communications network with Ribbon

Independently owned telecommunications provider aims to offer its customers premium-quality voice services while reducing power costs and accelerating time to market

Augmented analytics capabilities mark the new era of BI

Augmented intelligence capabilities like automated data prep and natural language processing are now common, showing that BI has advanced to a new era of technological innovation.

Tech issues keep mobile telehealth from reaching underserved

Mobile devices provide a key way to connect underserved patients to telehealth services, but complexity and connection problems keep patients from reaping the benefits.

New ransomware crew hammers on PrintNightmare bugs

PrintNightmare, the Microsoft print spooler flaws patched in July, is the favorite target for a new ransomware group known as Vice Society, according to Cisco Talos.

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