TechTarget News - Week of Dec 11, 2022

Openreach announces 12 new full-fibre build locations

London calling for BT-owned broadband provision division as it makes next step in plan to reach 25 million homes with full fibre by December 2026 and launches simplified online map showing when and where full-fibre network is being built

Cloud-based fingerprint system for UK police nears completion

Police Digital Service announces that a new cloud-based fingerprint system developed under its Transforming Forensics programme is nearly complete, but data protection concerns around the use of US-based cloud providers remain

Fortinet confirms VPN vulnerability exploited in the wild

In an advisory Monday, Fortinet urged customers to take steps to immediately mitigate the critical flaw, which was disclosed earlier by French infosec firm Olympe Cyberdefense.

Top IT predictions in APAC in 2023

Robotics, cross-cloud data mobility and cyber insurance are some of the key trends that will shape Asia-Pacific’s technology landscape in 2023

Porsche accelerates connected vehicle development with Vodafone private 5G

Europe’s first 5G hybrid mobile private network opens at Nardò Technical Centre, a leading automotive proving ground in Italy, to offer customers an improved infrastructure to develop and test intelligent, autonomous, connected vehicles

Customer frustrations mount as Rackspace investigation proceeds

Rackspace says it is making progress on restoring services following a ransomware attack on its Hosted Exchange business, but customers are becoming frustrated with a lack of communication

Data leaders bewail employee data illiteracy

Report from data consultancy Carruthers and Jackson finds a significant majority of data function leaders consider their organisations’ employees lack adequate data literacy

The nature of the CISO role will be in flux in 2023

As cyber risk outpaces organisational defences, and cyber attacks and breaches cause more and more damage, the nature of the CISO role is entering a state of flux, according to a report

UK government expands investment in 5G and 6G R&D

UK universities awarded £28m to develop next-generation 6G network technology, and an £80m fund will help set up a lab for testing network equipment, as government aims to boost telecoms infrastructure

EU issues draft data adequacy decision in favour of US

The European Commission has concluded that the United States does ensure an adequate level of protection for personal data transferred from the European Union and will now launch the process towards the adoption of an adequacy decision

Wib signals channel-building intentions

Security player continues with its plans to build a partner network to support growth ambitions across EMEA

MuleSoft CEO Brent Hayward on Salesforce integrations, APIs

In four-plus years since its acquisition, MuleSoft has emerged as vital connective tissue inside and outside the Salesforce platform. Interview with CEO Brent Hayward.

Geek gifts 2022: Business travel essentials and music-making

For better or for worse, the world re-opened this year, renewing geeks' need for business travel accessories, while others sought to explore their musical creativity.

SingleStoreDB 8.0 brings WebAssembly to unified database

The database vendor updates its hybrid transactional and analytical database with new JSON data query acceleration technology and developer support for WebAssembly.

Tidelift GC: Paid open source can stave off another Log4j

If the industry wants to thwart software supply chain attacks and prevent another Log4Shell, the way forward is to pay open source maintainers, Tidelift GC Luis Villa says.

Citrix ADC and Gateway zero day under active exploitation

The NSA said that APT5, a suspected Chinese nation-state threat group, is actively exploiting the Citrix zero-day flaw, which affects the vendor's ADC and Gateway products.

Aiven launches managed ClickHouse database as a service

The open source database cloud services vendor continues to expand the number of technologies it supports, adding new analytics capabilities in a managed offering.

Microsoft addresses two zero days in December Patch Tuesday

December's Patch Tuesday features fixes for 48 new bugs, including several critical vulnerabilities and two zero days, one of which is currently being exploited in the wild.

Crime Stoppers Tasmania debuts new reporting portal

Reporting tool will enable the public to share crime-related information with law enforcement agencies to support policing in Tasmania

How India is moving towards net zero

Home-grown companies and multinational firms are doubling down on sustainability efforts, but more needs to be done to improve datacentre efficiency and avoid greenwashing

ETSI creates new working group for Terahertz 6G comms

Newly launched industry specification group on Terahertz holds kick-off meeting and decides on work priorities for new candidate technology for 6G communications infrastructures

Cybereason warns of rapid increase in Royal ransomware

Enterprises need to be aware of the group's partial encryption technique because the less data it encrypts, the less chance the activity will be detected by a security product.

NAO: BBC digital transformation plan at risk from lack of resources

Financial watchdog warns broadcaster that it may lack resources to achieve its desired digital ambitions, with particular worry over best practice in acquiring, storing and securing personal data and potential exposure to reputational risks

Microsoft fixes two zero-days in final Patch Tuesday of 2022

December’s Patch Tuesday is typically a light month for Microsoft, and this year proved no exception, but there are still several critical issues worth addressing, and two zero-days for defenders to pore over

Ethical hackers flex their muscles in 2022

Ethical hackers working through HackerOne programmes found 21% more vulnerabilities in 2022 than in 2021

NHS gets new guidance on public benefits of data sharing

NHS national data guardian Nicola Byrne has published new guidance on how health and social care bodies should approach the task of evaluating public benefit when using data for purposes beyond individual care

Advanced Azov data wiper likely to become active threat

Check Point deep dives into an emergent data wiper strain known as Azov, which is making waves with hundreds of new samples being submitted to VirusTotal daily

Tableau update enables direct action from analytics insights

The vendor's fourth-quarter update includes an integration with Salesforce Flow that enables users to trigger actions in business applications directly from their BI dashboards.

Telstra tunes up with orchestration to enhance automation, customer experience

Leading Australian operator taps global comms tech provider to support network-as-a-service (NaaS) strategies, enabling an enhanced experience for business customers through reusable and shared platform for improved network management and operational efficiency

Sigma Computing advances data collaboration with new tool

Live Edit not only enables collaboration during the decision-making process but also lets data engineers and business users work together as they develop new data products.

SEC charges FTX founder while Congress talks crypto rules

The SEC charged cryptocurrency firm FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried with fraud Tuesday, shortly before a House committee met to discuss cryptocurrency industry regulation.

ChatGPT writes code, but won't replace developers

Recent advancements in AI portend the rise of the robot coder. Developers will need new skills to succeed in an AI-based industry, experts say.

Qualcomm unveils lowest-power IoT-optimised LTE modem

Integrated terrestrial positioning support to the fore as Qualcomm launches IoT-optimised LTE modem with integrated positioning support for greater connectivity, location and compute processing capabilities on device and at the edge

IGEL deepens relationship with HP

Thin client specialist promised channel its alliance strategy would add more options and its latest move underlines that ambition

Alibaba Cloud to debut blockchain service

The Chinese cloud supplier is readying a blockchain node service to simplify and speed up blockchain technology deployments

Cops dismantle 48 DDoS-for-hire websites

An operation combining law enforcement from the UK, US, Netherlands and Europol has disrupted 48 of the world’s most popular DDoS booter websites

Apache Cassandra 4.1 extends open source NoSQL database

The open source Cassandra database is out with its first major update in 18 months, bringing with it an improved consensus protocol to boost transaction performance.

UK gigabit access breaks barrier but take-up remains slow

Ofcom’s latest investigation of connectivity across the country finds full-fibre broadband now available to more than 12 million homes and 5G reaching seven in ten properties, while the number of households without access to decent broadband has fallen by a third

Digital Ethics Summit: Who benefits from new technology?

Experts at the 2022 Digital Ethics Summit say expedited development cycles and obviously over-hyped PR material, in tandem with the public’s near-total exclusion from conversations around technology, is creating distrust towards the tech sector

Zero-trust market has matured over 2022

Zero trust has been used regularly in security conversations and has been making a difference to both channel partners and customers

Lego site vulnerabilities highlight API security gaps

What's old is new again: Lego site BrickLink was found vulnerable to cross-site scripting and other well-understood types of attacks, intensifying scrutiny on API security.

Check Point classifies Azov as wiper, not ransomware

While Azov was initially considered ransomware, Check Point researchers warned the polymorphic malware is designed to inflict maximum damage to targeted systems.

Independent contractor rule draws 55,000-plus comments

The Biden administration is reversing a business-friendly Trump administration rule on independent contractors. Some 55,000 comments on the proposed change have been logged.

Google drops TrustCor certificates as questions loom

Google joined Mozilla and Microsoft in removing support for TrustCor Systems certificates following a Washington Post report on TrustCor's connections to spyware vendors.

Software moved needle for enterprise storage in 2022

Consultants and analysts say SaaS and cloud sales will dominate enterprise storage market into 2023. But hardware innovations are still possible and on the horizon.

Lensa AI app mixes up data, privacy and representation

The app generates avatars from users' images. While the terms and conditions worry critics, the avatars provide representation of racial groups not usually seen in art.

Shiseido data breach victims plan legal action over fake companies

Employees and former employees of cosmetics firm Shiseido whose data was stolen in a recent breach are planning group legal action after their information was used to establish fraudulent companies in their names

CIO interview: Steve Capper, CIO, SNC-Lavalin

Engineering and construction giant SNC-Lavalin has consolidated its global datacentre estate and implemented private cloud to support the unique demands of its business

Salesforce DevOps Center ships to rein in low-code apps

Salesforce DevOps Center rolled out with features meant to bring low-code and pro-code custom apps on its CRM platform up to date with current software development practices.

Users look to channel to plug cyber skills gap

The channel is already seen as a repository of security expertise, and the pressure to deliver that is only set to increase in 2023

TikTok data collection, ties to China spur bans

The U.S. Senate, federal agencies and state governments have banned TikTok from government devices due to concerns about data collection and China's access to U.S. data.

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