TechTarget News - Week of Mar 05, 2023

FlashBlade//E to open up new opportunities in Australia

Pure Storage’s FlashBlade//E will enable the storage supplier to target medical imaging and remote backup workloads and attract new customers in Australia

Latest Asigra platform targets SaaS backup for MSPs

Asigra's forthcoming SaaSBackup platform lets Asigra data protection technology protect SaaS backups. MSPs will be able to sell SDK connections through a new marketplace.

How to get mainframe modernisation right

Around a third of mainframe modernisation efforts fail, but that doesn’t need to be the case if organisations can harness the best of mainframe and distributed architectures, according to Rocket Software

Capita continues divestment strategy with HR sell-off

Firm sells off more of the portfolio as it continues to trim the focus to its two core businesses, Capita Public Service and Capita Experience

Microsoft's new Dynamics 365 Copilot uses generative AI

Copilot accelerates routine tasks for marketing and sales teams like creating email responses and collecting customer insight data, intensifying the AI race in CRM software.

Microsoft integrates GPT into Power Apps and AI Builder

The tech giant's new Power Platform features enable enterprises to use OpenAI’s GPT technology to create their own AI-powered bots or summarize and create content.

Channel round-up: Who’s gone where?

Another busy week across the industry, with some notable personnel moves that impact the channel

New high-volume agent connectors highlight Fivetran update

The data ingestion specialist's latest platform update focuses on enabling users to ingest high volumes of data to fuel real-time analysis and adds a new private deployment option.

APAC IT leaders bullish on tech spending

Over half of respondents in this year’s IT Priorities study have bigger IT budgets as they continue to make strategic investments in cyber security, cloud and automation, among other areas

Salesforce joins generative AI ranks with Einstein GPT

The CRM giant capitalizes on GPT 3.5 tech, weaving generative AI into code creation, Slack tools and customer interactions. The vendor also launched a $250M AI investment fund.

Epicor swoops for ISV partner

Financial planning player Epicor adds more depth to portfolio with the addition of established developer DSPanel

Databricks adds new ML modeling tool to lakehouse platform

The machine learning modeling tool eliminates the need for users to manage complex serving infrastructures by enabling them to launch machine learning models as REST APIs.

HubSpot intros AI tools to make content creation easier

The new AI tools are aimed at marketing, sales and customer service teams that create websites and blogs. They also provide customers with a natural language chat-based experience.

Vishing attacks increasing, but AI's role still unclear

The volume of vishing attacks continues to rise. But threat researchers say it's difficult to attribute such threats to artificial intelligence tools and deepfake technology.

How ForgeRock is tackling identity management

ForgeRock CEO Fran Rosch has set the identity and access management software supplier on a path to deliver a frictionless identity experience without compromising security or privacy

UK government introduces revised data reform bill to Parliament

Designed in close collaboration with technology businesses, the UK government is re-introducing an updated version of its Data Protection and Digital Information Bill to Parliament, which civil society groups say upends key safeguards

New integration links Teradata's VantageCloud with Azure ML

The data management and analytics vendor's integration with the tech giant's cloud service for ModelOps aims to better enable joint users to build, train and deploy ML models.

Amid slow growth, Josh James back as Domo CEO

With revenue at a standstill over the past three months and little growth projected for the next three, the vendor's founder is back in his old role, with growth as his main goal.

Eglon to leave Agilitas this summer

Chief marketing officer shares his reasons for leaving as he is thanked for his service to the channel player

Cisco, HPE plug holes in cloud security portfolios

Hewlett Packard Enterprise also unveiled plans to acquire Athonet, an Italian company that provides cellular technology for private 4G and 5G networks.

Global fixed and mobile business broadband to flourish from 5G

Improvements in quality of services and changes in the way business buyers use 5G network services will drive uptick in enterprise comms in the office and on the road, finds Omdia study

White House cybersecurity plan collides with SecOps reality

The White House Cybersecurity Strategy sets lofty goals. But recent market research suggests a significant number of enterprises don't follow existing SecOps best practices.

A strong security culture comes from within

The experience of managed service provider Littlefish demonstrates the benefits of developing a company-wide appreciation of security

SambaNova aims to meet generative AI challenges

The vendor's new platform enables enterprises to build generative models with their own data. The approach aims to resolve privacy and data ownership problems with generative AI.

IBM Storage Defender showcases storage strategy shift

IBM is combining its data protection products and working with a new partner to address one of the biggest challenges for customers, marking the start of a new storage strategy.

Microsoft incorporates AI foundation model in business apps

The tech giant made the Florence foundation model available to a wider audience through Azure Cognitive Services. The service also is now available in Teams and other applications.

TTC report: Why diversity initiatives matter

Diversity in the technology sector is slowly on the rise, but the higher number of minority groups in Tech Talent Charter signatories signals why a focus on diversity is important

Flashpoint: Threat vectors converging, increasing damage

The threat intelligence vendor warned that threat actors are increasingly combining known vulnerabilities, stolen credentials and exposed data to wreak maximum damage.

Velero wants to become the Kubernetes backup standard

Open source Velero offers modular data protection and disaster recovery functionality via API for Kubernetes container clusters in an effort to become the standard in the field

Orange signs agreement with OneWeb to enhance and expand global connectivity

Telco Orange partners with satellite operator OneWeb to improve and expand connectivity, particularly in rural and remote areas across Europe, Latin America and Africa, and enhance business offering with broadband and low latency solutions

Startup's latest large language model rivals GPT-3

Jurassic-2 is the latest model from AI21 Labs. The model is the successor to Jurassic-1, which was trained on 178 billion parameters, 3 billion parameters more than GPT-3.

Nokia lands African deals for iSIM, AVA software for Egypt smart city

Comms tech provider announces African deployments as Airtel plans to roll out iSIM secure connect technology in several countries while it also joins partnership to enable smart city dwellers in Egypt to use the internet to order, activate and pay for utilities

GitHub 2FA plan adds SMS, account lockout safeguards

GitHub has added SMS support and fresh account lockout prevention features to its phased rollout plans as it prepares to implement a 2FA requirement for accounts beginning Monday.

ThoughtSpot integrates with GPT-3 to boost analytics suite

With the integration, the analytics vendor plans to launch Sage, a tool designed to enhance natural language search and enable users to develop data products with generative AI.

Is ransomware declining? Not so fast, experts say

While some 2022 ransomware statistics indicate a possible 'decline' in activity, threat researchers warn there's more to the picture than the numbers suggest.

HP building on sustainability programme

Almost two years after the supplier launched Amplify impact, its UK channel boss has indicated there is more to come

Technology minister Michelle Donelan defends data reforms

Secretary of state Michelle Donelan has defended the government’s new data reforms as providing certainty for businesses while simultaneously retaining high standards of data protection, but industry figures are having mixed reactions

Experts call for AI regulation during Senate hearing

As artificial intelligence adoption increases, experts believe it's time for Congress to enact AI regulations to safeguard consumers from harm caused by the technology.

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