TechTarget News - Week of Apr 30, 2023

SAP eyes SMEs in Southeast Asia

SAP debuts the Grow with SAP programme in Southeast Asia to drive adoption of S/4 Hana Cloud among small and medium-sized enterprises

IT Priorities 2023: Software development

Organisations are investing in technology-led business initiatives to tackle the economic slowdown

Box to inject generative AI into content management platform

The vendor is working with OpenAI to put the AI research lab's GPT technology into its content management platform. Challenges include limiting AI copyright breaches.

Teradata integrates with Google Vertex AI

The vendors' new integration provides choices to customers who prefer Google as their cloud provider. It also helps Google present itself as more focused on enterprises.

SES, Viasat hail successful satellite launches

European operator’s second-generation medium earth orbit system said to be just one launch away from providing global connectivity services backed by service level agreements

Microsoft releases Teams Payments app for small businesses

The tech giant brings transaction capabilities to its Teams platform, expanding digital commerce options for small businesses that offer online services through Teams.

Nokia claims first CE-certified 5G automated drone-in-a-box service

Comms tech giant declares first-mover status with CE-certified turnkey drone-in-a-box offering, designed to meet the needs of public safety agencies, smart cities, construction, energy and defence organisations

Mystery Apple security update sparks speculation

Apple releases its first Rapid Security Response update for iPhone, iPad and Mac devices, but users are in the dark about what security problems they have fixed

US competition watchdog issues generative AI warning

Generative AI can be used to manipulate people into making harmful decisions, says US Federal Trade Commission in warning to firms building and using AI-powered tools

BT bolsters security offerings

Comms player’s relationships with CyberArk and Ivanti add more managed security options and SME protection

Cyber Action Plan for Wales launched

The devolved Welsh government has set out four priorities in an action plan designed to foster cyber resilience, talent and innovation across the country

Baptist Health leaves Cisco for Arista

Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Fla., expects Arista's single wired, wireless and data center network operating system to eliminate partial outages during infrastructure upgrades.

Observability maven 'cranky' about AIOps embraces GPT

Honeycomb's observability tools will add natural language queries via OpenAI's GPT API, a departure from its co-founder and CTO's broader stance on AI in IT ops tools.

Ryan Aytay named new CEO of Tableau, filling vacant slot

The appointment comes five months after the resignation of Mark Nelson and follows months of tumult -- including layoffs -- at Salesforce, the analytics vendor's parent company.

Salesforce brings GPT to customer service, sales platforms

The CRM giant brings generative AI capabilities to its sales and service platforms for fast, relevant email, message and article creation, as well as multilanguage transcription.

SAP gets dose of AI with IBM Watson

SAP will now integrate IBM Watson into the SAP Start digital assistant for its cloud applications. But there are questions about how much value this adds.

Maritime bandwidth capacity demand set to increase 20-fold by 2032

Research finds maritime connectivity market showing high-bandwidth prices adhered to expected downward trends as non-geostationary orbit constellations take to the sea to meet rising demand for satellite bandwidth

Vodafone enables ITN Coronation TV coverage with 5G network slice

Coronation broadcast first in UK to be enabled by a public 5G standalone network, with leading news provider using mobile network for swift and secure transfer of coverage from remote sites to newsroom

CMA looks at competition in foundational AI

The Competition and Markets Authority is investigating consumer protection and market forces related to the use of emerging artificial intelligence models

Sateliot joins GSMA, inks standard roaming agreements

Global trade association for mobile comms industry welcomes provider of satellite-based 5G IoT services as an operator member, signing contracts for standard roaming with more than 100 operators

Examining AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton’s fears about AI

The 'godfather of AI' claims AI will be misused for political gain and to manipulate humans. His resignation from Google came weeks after tech leaders called for an 'AI pause.'

Ransomware attack disrupts Dallas police, city services

The city said less than 200 government devices were compromised by the Royal ransomware attack, though it's unclear if threat actors exfiltrated sensitive data.

Responsible AI helps reduce ethical, legal risks

Generative AI is opening companies up to new risks. But experts at EmTech Digital argue that incorporating responsible AI into decision making could mitigate exposure.

Slack GPT quickly summarizes channels and creates canvases

The CRM giant unveiled a generative AI assistant for its Slack collaboration platform to let users quickly summarize channels, draft messages and create whiteboard-like canvases.

Bing AI push rings in price change

Microsoft’s large investment in OpenAI has seen an expansion of AI in Bing. This appears to be reflected in new Bing API licensing

Capita pension clients told data may have leaked

Capita has told trustees of some of the pension funds for which it provides outsourced services that their customer data may have been stolen by the Black Basta ransomware operation

Rootstock adds analytics to Salesforce-based SaaS ERP

Rootstock has added analytics and new financial tools to its Manufacturing Cloud ERP. Built on the Salesforce platform, the SaaS is now pushing beyond that ecosystem, experts say.

New bill aims to break up digital advertising market

The bipartisan AMERICA Act aims to introduce more competition into the digital advertising market that U.S. senators believe is largely dominated by tech giants.

Top analytics trends include cloud, AI/ML and embedded BI

As vendors attempt to make BI available to a broader audience -- and generative AI tools are still in preview -- the triumvirate of cloud migration, AI and embedded BI is vital.

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