TechTarget News - Week of Aug 20, 2023

Cyber attack on Aussie energy services firm may hit UK CNI

Energy One, an Australia-based supplier of tech services to the energy sector, is investigating the possibility that some UK customers may have been caught up in an ongoing cyber attack on its systems

Abortion benefits become double-edged sword

Businesses offering abortion benefits have seen an 8% increase in job posting clicks, but they also are seeing a significant increase in employees referring to them as 'woke.'

Red Hat CEO on AI moves and source code kerfuffle

Matt Hicks talks up Red Hat’s efforts to support generative AI adoption through OpenShift AI and weighs in on the issues surrounding the company’s decision to limit access to RHEL source code

Nokia, RouteThis look to enhance Wi-Fi quality, performance

As providing high-quality broadband user experiences in the home has long been a challenge for operators to grapple with, leading tech firms announce in-building wireless connectivity services

Singapore to bolster OT security capabilities

Cyber Security Agency of Singapore teams up with Dragos and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to bolster the country’s OT security capabilities

Met Police data platform £64m over budget

A freedom of information request has revealed that the Met’s Connect integrated record management system is running tens of millions over budget, and has already generated more than 25,000 support requests so far

VMware vSAN Max disaggregates storage for hybrid cloud

Early HCI vendor VMware separates storage from compute in its new vSAN offering, targeting enterprise hybrid clouds and seeking to avoid the compute sticker shock.

VMware remakes NSX for companies using multiple clouds

VMware designed NSX+ to simplify multi-cloud networking for customers. The update will eventually replace NSX and the more advanced NSX-T within VMware Cloud.

Community Fibre tops UK gigabit broadband league table

Survey of UK gigabit broadband suppliers reveals rise and rise of independent sector despite recent financial struggles as increased reach and availability means users are no longer limited to majors for services

VMware revamps cloud software for edge management

VMware's new Edge Cloud Orchestrator, formerly VMware SASE Orchestrator, manages VMware's edge compute and SD-WAN systems. Carmaker Audi plans to use the product in its factories.

Generative AI adoption to grow with economic confidence

A PwC survey is the latest data point signaling a return to innovation spending, with generative AI adoption in the C-suite's plans. But business leaders remain sensitive to risk.

SSD, flash memory advances to see slow walk to market

New SSDs and CXL memory modules were on display at the 2023 Flash Memory Summit, but it might take market adjustments, new infrastructure and time to reap the benefits.

Opportunities, challenges of ServiceNow generative AI plan

The vendor said that while it is creating its own LLM models, it's not interested in winning the LLM war. Instead, it wants its customers to use the models for specific use cases.

Enterprise elevated in Zoom Q2

Collaboration and communications technology provider releases second-quarter results showing steady increase in total revenue and significant rise in enterprise revenue

St Helens Council in Merseyside hit by ransomware attack

St Helens Borough Council is investigating a suspected ransomware incident targeting its systems, and is advising residents to be on the alert for follow-on phishing attacks

Tata Communications launches global, 5G Roaming Lab

Global digital ecosystem enabler announces launch of cloud-based 5G Roaming Laboratory to allow trial of 5G standalone network use cases before introducing services to enterprise customers

Twilio's new CDP tool unites data for more personalization

Twilio's new tool uses its customer data platform, Segment, to connect real-time unified customer profiles with isolated data and boost marketing customization for better CX.

Sophos: RDP played a part in 95% of attacks in H1 2023

While Sophos observed increasing activity around Active Directory and Remote Desktop Protocol abuse, it recommended simple mitigation steps can limit the attack surface.

Inside Micron Singapore’s sustainability journey

The chipmaker has been doubling down on sustainability efforts in Singapore by tapping solar power, recycling water and waste, as well as treating greenhouse gases, in a bid to achieve net zero by 2050

Neo4j adds vector search to improve generative AI outputs

The graph database vendor aims to improve semantic search and generative AI applications by enabling customers to better access and use unstructured data such as text and images.

Bletchley Park to host UK government AI safety summit

An international collaboration event on artificial intelligence safety is being run at the site that was home to the world’s first programmable computer

Workday shows glimpse of generative AI strategy

Workday plans to unveil its generative AI strategy next month. While details are still unknown, experts say it will likely reflect what other HCM vendors are already doing.

VMware, Cisco prep generative AI for SecOps

Generative AI has the potential to go beyond identifying anomalies in known data to create new information, such as incident summaries or security policies -- as well as new risks.

Meta AI translation model not ready for the enterprise

The tech conglomerate's new AI model is a move toward universal translation. However, the vendor needs the open source community to help ready the model for the enterprise.

Google Cloud adds storage capabilities to support AI, ML

The latest additions to Google Cloud's storage portfolio will focus on bringing object storage into the file-centric workloads of AI and ML alongside a Google-run NetApp service.

Salesforce unveils new tools for field service workers

The CRM vendor's new tools for service workers include a virtual appointment scheduler and a platform to view details about customers' purchased products and service history.

Senator seeks tech GI Bill as AI replaces jobs

A new study reveals that women are twice as likely to lose jobs to AI than men. Meanwhile, U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell is seeking an AI training bill similar to the GI Bill.

Federal agencies make moves on CHIPS Act funding

Agencies across the federal government are responsible for doling out CHIPS Act funding over the next several years to support tech innovation and workforce development.

Occupancy analytics emerges to optimize space utilization

With many office buildings largely empty following the pandemic and the concept of smart buildings gaining momentum, a new segment of BI is helping organizations optimize space.

OpenTF begins HashiCorp Terraform fork, pledges donation

The vendor-led group says it wants to donate a fork based on the latest open source version of the infrastructure as code tool to a foundation, ideally the Linux Foundation or CNCF.

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