TechTarget Launches Two New Sites to Help IT Professionals Leverage the Consumerization of IT

Technology media company TechTarget, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTGT) today announces the launch of two new websites designed to help information technology (IT) professionals embrace the megatrend of “the consumerization of IT” and leverage it to increase productivity and competitive advantage within their organizations. These new sites,™ and™, build on the TechTarget’s existing portfolio of security, mobile and desktop virtualization media,™,™, and™, by focusing on the technologies that employees are bringing into the enterprise outside of the IT procurement process to help them be more productive.

The consumerization of IT is the introduction of technologies into the enterprise that were initially considered as solely in the domain of the consumer. Although most of the attention to date has been placed on smartphones and tablets, such as the Apple® iPhone® and iPad®, the reality is that these are just the tip of the iceberg. Technologies such as Google Gmail™ webmail service, Dropbox, Twitter™, and LinkedIn® are all being used every day by employees to do their jobs. These are powerful technologies available to individuals, many times purchased on their own, and they are asking IT to provide support. provides members with expert advice on how to secure, integrate and strategically leverage consumer technologies used by end users to create competitive business advantages for their organizations. is the first community-driven, vendor-independent site for real-world IT professionals dealing with consumerization. Going beyond the news, features all-star blogging, videos, and discourse from industry luminary and independent technology analyst Brian Madden. His current blog,™, receives millions of visitors per year and is a leading source for conversation, debate, and discourse about the application and desktop virtualization industry.

“People don’t want to use separate technologies to manage work and personal computing, so they are pushing what were traditionally consumer technologies into the enterprise and asking their IT departments to support them,” said TechTarget CEO, Greg Strakosch. “These new sites are designed to help IT professionals manage the influx of these technologies, identify opportunities for productivity enhancements, and enable the enterprise to realize strategic competitive advantage,” continued Strakosch.

TechTarget, Inc. ( (NASDAQ: TTGT) is a leading global technology media company with over 100 technology-specific websites, 10 million registered members, and more than 10 years of groundbreaking accomplishments. Our extensive editorial and vendor-sponsored content fulfills the needs of tech pros looking for in-depth coverage of technology topics throughout their buying process and positions us to meet the needs of technology marketers targeting qualified technology audiences. Outside of North America, TechTarget runs 23 websites and has offices in London, Mumbai and Beijing.

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