TechTarget’s Announces “Best of VMworld” 2016 Award Winners

Technology media company TechTarget, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTGT) announced the winners of the “Best of VMworld” 2016 Awards at the VMworld 2016 US conference being held last week in Las Vegas and sponsored by VMware, Inc.

As the official media partner for the VMworld Awards for the tenth year in a row, TechTarget’™ staff appointed a team of experts and editors that selected winning products from more than 150 entries. The team judged the products according to their innovation, value, performance, reliability and ease of use.

The awards covered the following seven categories of the virtualization market in addition to Best of Show: Workload Management and Migration; Agility and Automation; Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure; Networking and Virtualization; Data Protection; Security; and Desktop and Application Delivery.

The Best of Show award was presented to Tufin. The full list of winners was announced along with extensive conference coverage.

Only products currently available for purchase were considered.

The Winners

Category: Workload Management and Migration
Winner: Embotics; vCommander 5.7.2
Finalist: Velostrata; Velostrata 2.0
Finalist: ExtraHop; ExtraHop Platform with VMware vRealize Suite Integration

Category: Agility and Automation
Winner: Tufin; Orchestration Suite
Finalist: Quali; CloudShell Cloud Sandbox Software

Category: Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure
Winner: NVIDIA; NVIDIA GRID with Horizon 7
Finalist: Nutanix; Nutanix Xpress
Finalist: Actifio; Actifio Sky

Category: Networking and Virtualization
Winner: VeloCloud Networks; VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN
Finalist: Paessler; PRTG Network Monitor
Finalist: VMware; vRealize Network Insight

Category: Data Protection
Co-Winner: Rubrik; Rubrik Firefly 3.0
Co-Winner: StorageCraft Technology Corp.; StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX
* – Editor’s note: The results of this category have been updated to comply with our contest rules and submission guidelines.

Category: Security
Winner: Shavlik; Shavlik Protect
Finalist: Thycotic; Secret Server
Finalist: GuardiCore; GuardiCore Centra Security Platform

Category: Desktop and Application Delivery
Winner: Workspot; Workspot VDI 2.0 Solution
Finalist: Unidesk; Unidesk 4
Finalist: Citrix; Secure Browser

Judges’ Choice: Disruptive Technology: Lakeside; Ask SysTrack

Judges’ Choice: Startup Spotlight: StacksWare

Best of Show
Winner: Tufin; Orchestration Suite

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