Increase inside sales productivity. Drive more appointments. Steal market share from competitors. See how Qualified Sales Opportunities™ accelerate your success:

Project Details Direct from the Buyer

Prioritize sales call lists based on accounts – and named buyers – that have a confirmed technology project in your market. >

Vendor Short List

Specifics on installed tech environments and short list preferences help you position your solution and de-position your competition. >

Real Project Knowledge

You’ll know their purchase drivers and desired features/functions, so you can personalize your angle and approach. >

Know What to Say When You Call

Suggested ice breakers provide reps inroads to the conversation and tips for engaging the buyer. >

How to call prospects using purchase intelligence

How to call prospects using purchase intelligence

Learn how to convert Qualified Sales Opportunities into meetings.

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Our SDR team tells us that TechTarget Qualified Sales Opportunities are the best leads they’re getting because of the amount of information detailed in those reports.”

– Michael White, Demand Generation Manager, Extreme Networks

We’ve had a lot of success with TechTarget’s Qualified Sales Opportunities. In the last 60 days we’ve identified 5 new opportunities and added $550K to our pipeline.”

– Doug Alexander, CEO, Focus Technology Solutions

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